CB Technologies believes in nothing less than excellence. Our customers deserve service from the best company, people, and community resource available. So we strive ceaselessly to excel as a value-added reseller (VAR) and solutions provider and—sponsor of diversity and worthy causes.

Who We Are

The Menu-Driven Solution Provider

We’re menu driven. That is, pick what you want. Software—in house or as a service? Our solutions cross various industries of all sizes. Every customer is unique to us. We want to learn your special requirements. Do you need a test environment? We can provide it. Do you need end user education? Hardware with hybrid cloud deployment? You get the idea. Let’s talk.   Our engineers think outside of any one box. They establish processes that become your processes. The technology must fit into the way you do business. And it must improve how you operate. That’s CB Technologies’ commitment: constant education and creativity internally so we can continue to support our external clients and their long-term needs. Just ask us how we can make a difference for you today.

Competent, Flexible and Committed Human Beings

We provide a healthy work-life environment that allows every one of our professionals to have personal and family time and freedom. Happy employees who love their work will go an extra mile—or two or three—for customers. They know commitment matters, without being asked.   Combine that enthusiasm with top level engineering and technical certifications. Then add in decades of experience in every phase of data center implementation and maintenance. Then think about professionals who are flexible and imaginative and think about creating solutions that work — not just attaching boxes with wires. Our systems get business done.   We’d love to get to know you.

Our Founder

“I founded CB Technologies in 2001 to leverage all the things I’d learned from two decades’ work implementing corporate enterprise solutions. I knew I could make a difference—and that I’d apply the best practices not just in technology—but in managing people, too. So I decided to create a company that would offer the employees the optimal life-work balance.” – Kelly Ireland, Founder, CEO


We handpick our people — from our top level enterprise engineers to our entry level associates. That’s because we at CB Technologies know that before we can have a successful relationship with you, the customer, we must have a successful relationship with our employees.

“I have been striving to serve my customers with excellence since entering the Reseller industry in 1984.”


Kelly Ireland

“At CB Technologies, we are more than co-workers, we are a big family that supports one another.”

Rachel Nelson

“We have a fantastic, I mean FANTASTIC, team of people and I love helping them in their roles.”


Shelbey Guardalabene

Steve Jordahl
Chief Technologist

“CBT puts a priority on building solutions that substantially improve our customer’s business.  It’s a privilege to be a part of this.”


Stan Galanski
SVP, Engineered Solutions

“I’m passionate about partnering with our clients to increase their market share and decrease costs.”


Scott Douglas
SVP, Global Sales West

“A trusted advisor to clients to solve business challenges using IT solutions.”


Eric Bradford
SVP, Global Sales Central/East

“I strive to provide our customers with quality solutions, professionalism and integrity.”


Mike Archibeque
SVP, Government Solutions

“At CBT, superior customer service is our product and our priority.”


Andy Anderson
Director, Client Services

“The overall culture of CBT inspires me to give 100% to our team and our clients every day.”


Tascha Muldrow
Manager, Client Services

“I believe all things are possible and love breaking down obstacles for the people I support.”


Pam Paradiso
VP, Business Development
Rhondi Lenaker
Marketing & Events Manager


Our engineers think outside of any one box. They establish processes that become your processes. The technology must fit into the way you do business. And it must improve how you operate. That’s CB Technologies’ commitment: constant education and creativity internally so we can continue to support our external clients and their long-term needs. Just ask us how we can make a difference for you today.

Meet our engineers.

Steve Jordahl
Chief Technologist

George Young
Director, Engineering Solutions

  • HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect v3
  • HPE Master ASE – Advanced Server Solutions Architect v3
  • HPE ASE – Storage Solutions Architect v2
  • HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect v2
Carl Anderson
Director, Solution Services

Gary Levins
Sr. Enterprise Architect, HPC

Thomas DeVera
Sr. Software Architect

Jason Miller
Technical Service Specialist

Patrick Derby
Senior Enterprise Architect

Dion Padilla
Systems Engineer

  • Server ATP certification
  • Storage ATP certification
  • Aruba ACMP
Connor Olson
Network Engineer

Ferdi Serim
Education Innovation Engineer

Kim Heinbuch
Manager, Education Solutions

“I strive in providing a stable IT infrastructure which allows us more time to spend on our customers.”

Teresa Catton
Manager, IT Support


“CB Technologies…is a great example of how a partner grew from a VAR to a service provider, offering unique solutions to empower the data driven enterprise.”

– Meg Whitman, HPE CEO

“CB Technologies handles the minutiae. Period.”

—HPE AMS Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Vertical

“CBT helps take the rough edges off large, complex and highly integrated orders while helping drive standards & efficiency for spot buys around the world.”

—Tom Harmon, HPE Client Executive, Ford Motor Company

“CBT was able to program monthly payments into the B2B, simplifying the PO and budgetary process.”

—Bob Radar, HPE Financial Services


We are committed to excel in everything – our customers’ success and profitability above all.

We don’t mean to boast, but our efforts have attracted the notice of our colleagues and the industries and partners we work in. For instance, we’ve won awards for our success as an HPE products and services provider. Also, as a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), we’ve made it into the Inc. 5000. Our local prominence put us on “The List” of “The Orange County Business Journal.” And we regularly take a spot on the VAR 500.

This is just a sign that we are a partner who is worth earning your business. We’re honored to share these accolades with you — remembering that the greatest reward for us is the esteem and continued business our clients give to us.


CB Technologies has served clients all over the country and across many industries: Manufacturing, education, government, and so on. We have prospered from our customers’ success. This didn’t happen in a vacuum — our commercial world depends on a safe and prosperous network of people and institutions.

Boosting The Network Of Success

That’s why we believe in giving back to and strengthening the communities that we touch—local and otherwise. Without a strong community, we can’t do what we love to do: Serving our clients through technology solutions.

We also believe that as a corporate citizen, we must hold ourselves to a high standard — that’s why we also promote diversity in our workforce, carbon neutrality in our operations, and other worthwhile goals.

Challenging Ourselves To Improve The World

As part of our philosophy, we support multiple worthy third-party organizations and causes through philanthropy, resource sharing, and advocacy. Two of our special causes are women and children in need. For instance, the Orange, California office of CBT has raised over $160,000 through it to help distressed local Hollygrove families.


Headquarters – Orange Office:

750 The City Drive S., Suite 225
Orange, CA 92868

Kirkland Office:

25 Central Way, Suite 310
Kirkland, WA 98033

Albuquerque Office:

10400 Academy NE Suite 305
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Work for CBT

CB Technologies . . . quite possibly the last place you will ever work.

CB Technologies is completely focused on providing excellent customer service. Our primary means of doing so is by hiring people that have a “customer-first” mentality coupled with the right skill sets for the job.

Why CBT?

Our belief is that happy employees make for happy customers and the results of that philosophy are reflected in our company’s continued growth, excellent customer and partner relationships, and exceptionally low employee turnover.

Equal Opportunity Employer

CB Technologies Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race and color, national origin, religion, marital status, disability or veteran status.

Quality Requirements

CB Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality of products, services and solutions to meet customer requirements through the continuous improvement of our Management System.

Quality Supplier Flow Down Requirements

Terms and Conditions for each CBT PO

Work under this purchase order is subject to surveillance at Seller’s plant. Seller shall be notified if inspection is to be conducted on specific shipments. No shipments are to be held for inspection unless notification is received prior to, or at time of, material being ready for shipment.

Seller shall maintain records of inspections, tests, and process controls called for by this purchase order. These documents shall be on file and available to Buyer for seven (7) years following the end of the calendar year in which the purchase order was issued.  At any time during the retention period, at Buyer’s request, Seller will deliver said records, or any part thereof, to Buyer, at no additional cost to Buyer.  Certificate of Conformance may be required upon request.