Qstack – the easy way to cloud deployment

Qstack is an on-prem Cloud Management Platform (CMP) allowing you to deploy your cloud in a matter of days, quickly implementing features that fit fast-moving development teams and allow operations teams to easily and efficiently manage your infrastructure.

Qstack can run any virtualizable OS, while effortlessly addressing mixed workloads and HPC with bare metal provisioning and container support.

Bolster your own software with built-in Amazon S3™ compatible object storage, or easily deploy Mesos, Hadoop, Kubernetes, and other fully integrated solutions with a click of a button.

Take advantage of existing assets   Designed for compatibility, Qstack is hypervisor agnostic and works with any x86 or ARMv8 64-bit server architecture for bare metal provisioning, which means that the longevity of existing investments is ensured without having to completely disrupt current operations or invest in costly restructuring. Integration with many third-party solutions’ APIs provides added flexibility for expansion and optimization with no vendor lock-in.

Your cloud, your way   Built for multi tenancy, Qstack is a unique solution that enables movement between cloud implementations. Its flexible deployment options let you choose which best fits your current business: private, public, or hybrid – while maintaining the ability to adapt to changing priorities and future needs.

Scalable hybrid expansion   Hybrid capabilities provide the opportunity for expanded resource availability by bursting into EC2™ compatible clouds, including other Qstack environments, without compromising private infrastructure. Maximum cost effectiveness is ensured by allowing optimal dispersion of workloads and data, with a single point of control for compliance, usability, and accountability.   Qstack allows burstability into other environments to manage spikes. No rushed hardware procurement.

Qstack allows burstability into other environments to manage spikes. No rushed hardware procurement.

Qstack’s turnkey solution offers:

• Single pane of glass hybrid cloud platform
• Compute and object storage built-in
• Award winning self-service web UI
• No compromise on workload types: bare metal, virtual machines, or containers
• Update with no downtime
• Industry standard EC2™and Amazon S3™ compatible APIs
• Hybrid feature – manage a multi-zone environment and address “Shadow IT”
• Supports commercial hypervisors (VMware vSphere®) and open source
• High Availability architecture
• Built in analytics, monitoring, chargeback, and more

Private, hybrid, or public cloud. Choose the platform that offers you the fastest way to start and scale your IT to any size.