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Your cloud, your terms. CB Technologies’ CLOUD@scale offers on-demand, colocated private cloud at well below public cloud cost.

CLOUD@scale brings together best-of-breed technologies to offer unparalleled economics and differentiated value. By combining the world’s best-selling infrastructure, industry-leading Tier IV Gold datacenter colocation and an award-winning Cloud Management Platform, CB Technologies can combat shadow IT, resolve cloud fragmentation and lower costs as compared to public cloud.

  • Fixed flat rate monthly data-transfer costs (unmetered)
  • Full control of your own dedicated cloud resources
  • Automated provisioning of bare metal nodes, VMs & containers
  • Single pane of glass management and control of multiple hypervisors and public cloud resources
  • Lower overcommit of compute resources as compared to public cloud


Cloud economics and efficiencies in an enterprise-consumable package.

HYPER@scale is a bundled offering that includes the HPE Hyper Converged platforms for VMware and Greenqloud’s Qstack. The combination of these two technologies yields a ‘Cloud-in-a-Box’ solution based on proven HPE hardware technology and an award-winning Cloud Management Platform for automation.

The world we live in is moving fast. Regardless of industry, the amount of time it takes to bring a new product or service to market can determine winners and losers. As a result, the pressure is on IT to quickly turn ideas into reality while being cost effective in the process. Being able to shorten time-to-market and improve cost-efficiency have become prerequisites, but not all solutions fit the mold.
Public cloud offers simplicity and ease. Compute resources can be implemented almost instantly and you can pay-as-you-go. However, while public clouds such as AWS or Azure certainly have their advantages, they’re not the right solution for everything. For example, confidential data, intellectual property, and mission-critical applications are often most secure on premise or at a secure colo. In addition, public cloud cost can sky rocket as enterprises scale and outbound bandwidth increases.
Organizations need the speed and simplicity of the public cloud, but without the risk and highly-variable surcharges. Does such a solution exist? Yes, the answer can be found in CBT’s HYPER@scale – HPE’s Hyper Converged technologies combined with an award-winning Cloud Management Platform for automation.
HPE’s Hyper Converged offerings combine servers, storage, and virtualization into a single, integrated solution. Hyper convergence eases deployment, has flexibility more in tune with virtual environments and reduces the infrastructure costs compared to a traditional virtualization deployment. However, while hyper convergence excels in these areas, it does little more to help you realize the additional benefits of cloud computing. For that, automation is required. By integrating a Cloud Management platform on top of a hyper converged platform in HYPER@scale, CBT adds the necessary automation and removes much of the administrative burden via the self-service portal for consumers. This allows you to realize the benefits of cloud automation in a way that makes sense for your enterprise.
Solution Snapshot:

     • Economics: administrator focus can be moved away from the virtualization platform due to the self-service nature of solution.

     • Security: reduce shadow IT by allowing internal users to access private and public cloud capabilities, while doing so in a controlled, secure manner.

     • Quality hardware: built on HPE’s industry-leading hardware to assure your critical business applications run on the highest-quality machines available.

     • Location: hosted on customer premise (internal, private cloud) but can burst to public cloud.

     • Management: orchestrated by Qstack – a comprehensive, easy-to-use, single-pane-of-glass management system from Greenqloud.

Clear the chaos with our “Cloud-in-a-Box”: HYPER@scale.


Swift access to all relevant asset information when and where it’s needed.

Asset mismanagement is a multi-billion-dollar problem. In fact, $750 billion dollars is spent every year in the US as a result of poor asset intelligence. Data related to assets is often disorganized and dispersed, costing the business in lost productivity, security and compliance risks, increased workplace errors and more.

CBT’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an innovative solution that enables swift, actionable insight on all relevant asset information when and where needed. By combining field data capture, analytics and deep learning capabilities, AIP can significantly impact key performance indicators across the enterprise. AIP improves asset logistics, lifecycle and work order management, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and overall business efficiencies.

Big Data / Analytics

When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins.

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest—win. Big data done right extracts value immediately to make customers happy, inform big decisions quickly, and find the waste and risk that should be eliminated first. The data-driven organization best accomplishes continuous improvement and is most capable of planning for success with predictive power.

CBT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Geospatial Imaging Experts have partnered together bringing top of the line technologies creating your unique solutions to your unique problem areas. Utilizing HPE big data and analytics, we can impact key performance indicators across the enterprise with our Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP).
Learn more about CBT’s use of Big Data & Analytics in the AIP.

Cloud / Infrastructure Management

The biggest game changer for business.

Building a cloud-based computing infrastructure can be overwhelming with options for public, private, hybrid and managed cloud services. What are the trade-offs and where do you start? Trust CB Technologies, an HPE Platinum partner and recipient of the 2015 HPE PartnerOne Award for Partner of the Year for Cloud to advise you on the cloud solutions that are right for your business.

Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey or managing many tens of thousands of VMs in public, private or hybrid environments, CB Technologies has the solution for you:

Read how we have helped a large aerospace company.


Software-Defined IT

Simplicity, efficiency and cost savings.

Keeping up with the advances and implementing the most relevant solutions is a full-time job in itself. That’s why CBT takes the time to match our suite of products with your goals, so you can focus on your priorities while achieving significantly more at dramatically lower cost.

Software-Defined Storage
Your need for data storage is always growing — but your IT budget may not be. Perhaps you’ve been frustrated at how quickly you outgrow your existing and expensive storage arrays or servers. Historically, the only way to add capacity was a major investment in new hardware and software solutions or even a rip-and-replace of your existing storage infrastructure.
Software-Defined Storage (SDS) overcomes the typical capacity limits of traditional storage. As with all new and evolving technologies, you will find a variety of approaches for SDS. At CB Technologies we have a simple way to define it for our clients: an application-based and proven way to save you cash and internal resources — while rapidly expanding your ability to store data and content, saving you time, money and effort as you conduct your core business.
With SDS you can avoid investing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in high-powered specialized storage area network (SAN) products and licenses.
Virtually unlimited scale, endless possibilities.
CB Technologies’ custom scaled storage architecture, RAIN@scale, is a flexible architecture that can accommodate a multitude of storage and networking technologies to fulfill your enterprise’s requirements. Due to our unique configuration and the ability to choose from multiple open source storage technologies, we can offer total freedom in choosing file systems, increased resiliency and differentiated value at massive scale.
Benefits of RAIN@scale:

     • Resilient: RAIN@scale allows for independent scale, so you can design for resiliency for each component in your storage system
     • Cloud Friendly: scale storage up and down as needed and take advantage of the benefits of a commodity disk play
     • Flexible: use the tools you want with compatibility for open source OS, including Linux, and enjoy flexibility in management and file systems (file, block and object).
     • Affordable: QuantaStor SDS from OSNEXUS delivers enterprise SAN performance, helping you break free of costly proprietary solutions to scale on your terms

Contact us today to learn more about the RAIN solutions we’ve implemented.
Software-Defined Networking
Keep up with demands from cloud, security, mobility and big data with software defined networking (SDN) solutions. Give BYOD users access while securing your network at the edge—cost-effectively. Prioritize workers using collaboration tools, like Microsoft Skype for Business, to optimize traffic and enhance user experience. Give network administrators the edge with the ability to pinpoint, diagnose, verify and solve network issues in real-time, from data center to branch office.
Start with ready-to-go SDN applications for your biggest network challenges. Transform your network security with SDN by having zero-threat protection at the edge. Optimize your network with SDN technology that adjusts dynamically to meet real time traffic needs. Orchestrate and visualize your entire network for better control and monitoring.
CBT is part of an HPE SDN Open Ecosystem, enabling you to develop open, enterprise-ready networking applications using all the tools and support you need, including our industry-first SDN App Store. The SDN Software Developer Kit lets you create apps for any standards-based, SDN-enabled device by quickly setting up a developer environment and creating applications on the HPE VAN SDN Controller. Gain access to the developer community in our SDN forum where you can participate in developer events and examine SDN use cases, all while backed by our support and expertise.
Benefiting from SDN doesn’t require an entire rip and replace of your network. With SDN-enabled infrastructure that works in hybrid mode, you can benefit from SDN wherever and whenever you want in the network.
Contact us today for a discussion around your SDN needs.


Education designed around the learner.

LEVERS (Learner Validated Educational Resources & Strategies) is a data system that supports improvements in competencies and program performance, so that learners can demonstrate they:

  • Have learned how to learn
  • Can plan and manage their own work
  • Can make high quality products in a team

No one improves by accident or at random. All improvements result from intentional investment of time, talent and money. LEVERS allows both individuals (students and teachers) and program leaders to monitor and adjust these investments based on observable evidence.

LEVERS allows schools to bridge the gap between student performances expected in school (grades and test results) and in the world (skill and competency at work).

     • LEVERS is the first and only system designed around the learner, for personalized, blended learning demonstrating mastery of critical competencies employers require.
     • LEVERS goes beyond the limited skillset captured by test scores alone, to provide visibility to student improvements that school leaders and employers find most important.
     • LEVERS applies Agile processes to education (SCRUM)—supporting transparency, inspection and adaptation. Students learn IT competencies using the same approach that IT employers use.


Simplified procurement for the strategic enterprise.

If your agile enterprise is slowed by the intricacies and complications caused by OEM procurement processes, then CB Technologies can help. Our B2B³ portal is a procurement interface that streamlines the order process. It handles multiple quote and configuration revisions, follows orders through delivery and tracks assets through their life cycle. Stop wasting precious hours wading through the minutiae—let CBT handle it for you!

     • Customizable to the client needs
     • Can shift CAPEX to OPEX via lease – reducing operational expenses
     • Easy reporting for customer – improving decision making
     • Ability to create on-demand lease quotes/orders
     • Can include multiple OEMs catalogs
     • Implements standardized configuration – reducing or improving asset management
     • International ordering and shipping capability
     • Product end-of-life automated scanning and notification

High Performance Compute

When it comes to High Performance Compute, results are critical. CB Technologies has been continually building their HPC practice for over 10 years including specialization in the Software-Defined Storage and Hyperscale arena.

After winning the 2015 HPE Cloud Solution Provider of the Year for an incredible performance cluster in an Aerospace & Defense environment, CBT was poised to expand their expertise and did. Growing into an HPC solution powerhouse, CBT consistently delivers above expectations and is excited to work with you.

Talk to one of our Solution Architects about an HPC Cluster Design tailored for your Data Driven Jobs.
After many years of watching CBT provide amazing customer support to myself and others at Boeing, CBT was my top choice as a growth opportunity beyond my retirement from Boeing. Kelly is definitely a forward-thinking leader in an innovative company. She is an outstanding person and member of the technology community. So, when it came time to leave Boeing, after 28 years, I knew there was no place for me other than CBT.”  Gary Levins, CB Technologies, Inc.