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CB Technologies doesn’t believe that good enough is enough. Our customers deserve service from the best company, people, and community resource available. So we strive ceaselessly to excel as a value-added reseller (VAR) and solutions provider and—sponsor of diversity and worthy causes.

The Menu-Driven Solution Provider

We’re menu driven. That is, pick what you want. Software—in house or as a service? Our solutions cross various industries of all sizes. Every customer is unique to us. We want to learn your special requirements. Do you need a test environment? We can provide it. Do you need end user education? Hardware with hybrid cloud deployment? You get the idea. Let’s talk.
Our engineers think outside of any one box. They establish processes that become your processes. The technology must fit into the way you do business. And it must improve how you operate. That’s CB Technologies’ commitment: constant education and creativity internally so we can continue to support our external clients and their long-term needs. Just ask us how we can make a difference for you today.

Competent, Flexible and Committed Human Beings

We provide a healthy work-life environment that allows every one of our professionals to have personal and family time and freedom. Happy employees who love their work will go an extra mile—or two or three—for customers. They know commitment matters, without being asked.
Combine that enthusiasm with top level engineering and technical certifications. Then add in decades of experience in every phase of data center implementation and maintenance. Then think about professionals who are flexible and imaginative and think about creating solutions that work — not just attaching boxes with wires. Our systems get business done.
We’d love to get to know you.