On February 6-8th, Gary Levins, Senior Enterprise Architect for High-Performance Computing, and I attended WEST 2018. The 28th Annual WEST event was put on by AFCEA, a professional association that connects innovative people, great ideas and vital solutions to advance global security. Hosted in San Diego, this is the foremost event in which the makers of security platforms and the designers of security technologies can discuss and demonstrate solutions in a single locale. WEST enables industry leaders to learn about military requirements and connect with decision-makers as well as operators.

As the recipient of eight consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Awards (2010-2017), Gary and I were eager to interact with our customers at the event, taking time to build and grow on our relationships within the community. We found the conference to be highly beneficial, as it brought together many industry stalwarts to discuss the newest technologies and solutions. We were especially thrilled to interact directly with sea service warfighters, and we relish the opportunity to incorporate their feedback in our upcoming projects.

We look forward to future AFCEA involvement and hope to make even deeper contributions in the coming years.

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