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CB Technologies Asset Intelligence practice is a manifestation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – connecting devices, data and systems for next generation insights.

Play the video to see how CBT is helping Texmark Chemicals realize their dream of building a Refinery of the Future with advanced IIoT technologies:

CBT Insights

CB Technologies’ Asset Intelligence practice incorporates asset integrity management, the consolidation of disparate asset information, the incorporation of the digital replica of physical assets and processes (digital twin), advanced analytics and in-depth consulting services to deliver on the promise of IIoT.

Why Asset Intelligence

$750 Billion is spent in the US annually because of poor asset management. CBT’s Asset Intelligence practice bridges the gap between data and information. It allows your organization to maintain unprecedented levels of visibility into your assets, gaining critical insights to improve performance, mitigate risk and reduce cost.

Industry Trends

Trending – Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence allows organizations to maintain unprecedented levels of visibility into their assets, gaining critical insights to reduce OPEX, labor and compliance costs, and get ghost assets off the books. Learn more about the trends in Asset Intelligence with these content articles provided by CB Technologies.

Texmark Chemicals deploys IIoT at the edge in showcase Refinery of the Future

Texmark works with regulated hazardous materials and turned to HPE and Aruba to build a Refinery of the Future featuring Industrial Internet of Things capabilities for improved process analytics, up-time, customer satisfaction, and worker safety. Subscribe for more videos like this: Visit our website:

The Power of the IoT Ecosystem | PTC

This is the second installment in a series of five on different approaches that will make IoT development more efficient. In my previous installment, I talked about how IoT platforms can help organizations build IoT solutions more efficiently. However, there are other pieces – namely compatible hardware, extensions, integrations into 3rd party systems, apps, etc. – necessary to create IoT solutions that meet the requirements of different industries, companies and people.Following the mobile…

How enterprise asset intelligence is changing the business landscape

EAI refers to a businesses’ ability to obtain real-time visibility into every aspect of operations, empowering them to improve productivity, reduce expenses, empower mobile workforces and increase opportunities for sustainable growth Nick Ismail The world is more complex than ever before. Markets and business operations are more fast-paced and volatile.Decision-making is under unprecedented time pressure. Competition is fierce and global. The business landscape is ever-changing.It…

ML 2.0: Machine learning for many

Today, when an enterprise wants to use machine learning to solve a problem, they have to call in the cavalry. Even a simple problem requires multiple data scientists, machine learning experts, and domain experts to come together to agree on priorities and exchange data and information. This process is often inefficient, and it takes months to get results. It also only solves the problem immediate at hand. The next time something comes up, the enterprise has to do the same thing all over again…

A CEO’s lessons learned from the ‘Refinery of the Future’ – Doug Smith, CEO, Texmark

When companies think about digital transformation, one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is the impact on the people working for the organization. With discussions centered on sexy new technologies that will lead to incredible new efficiencies, the unspoken assumption is employees will have vastly easier jobs—or be made redundant. I see things differently. At Texmark Chemicals, we recently embarked on a digital transformation journey called the Refinery of the Future. We have devised a pl…


CB Technologies’ award-winning solutions and services augment your enterprise with the necessary tools to excel in the global marketplace.

  • Centralizes asset maintenance, performance & location/tracking information
  • Improves inspection management
  • Optimizes preventative maintenance procedures
  • Enables immediate & long-term decision making
  • Facilitates proactive/predictive maintenance capabilities
  • Modernizes operations with Industrial IoT technologies
  • Enables immediate, informed decision making
  • Reduces operator workload
  • Optimizes maintenance routines
  • Increases safety (reduces worker time in hazardous environments)



  • Utilizes AI to turn a live video feed into a smart sensor & alerting system
  • “Incident” notification & video footage sent to operations center for analysis
  • Enables faster response times
  • Enhances inspection capability/identifies regulatory violations
  • Improves/automates emergency response procedures
  • Real-world industrial IoT lab/showcase
  • IIoT solutions deployed in a production environment
  • 15+ industry-leading partners contributing
  • CBT designated as lead systems integrator & IT support contractor
  • Open for tours to see solutions in action
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