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B2B Experience

ITSCO, IIoTThe economic climate is fast moving and enterprises have to adapt to keep pace. Organizations in every sector have to be able to compete in many areas, including speed of delivery, cost efficiency, assured quality, innovation, flexibility and customer-responsiveness. Customers want faster, better, cheaper, more flexible and more personalized products and services, which in turn demands elite performance from IT procurement.

As a result, purchasing teams must evolve dramatically, taking a more proactive and strategic role in shaping the growth of their organization.

If your agile enterprise is caught up with the intricacies and complications of procurement processes, leaching time from more strategic initiatives, then CBT can help. Stop wasting precious hours wading through the minutiae – let CBT handle it for you!

Meet Your Personal Assistant

CBT’s B2B Experience delivers a procurement portal and interface that streamlines the order process. It handles multiple quote and configuration revisions, follows orders from inception through delivery and tracks assets through their life cycle.


Simplify the complexity of large engineering configurations & create product bundles to improve order processing and expedite order approvals.


User-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with OEM catalogs and systems to create on-demand lease quotes and orders.


Fully customizable experience allows for multiple OEM catalogs, standardized configurations, international order and more.


Provides more accurate reporting and quarterly audits, plus comprehensive asset tracking and automated product end-of-life scanning and notification.

Introducing the B2B Experience


CBT handles the minutiae so we don't have to. Period.

HPE Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Vertical

CBT was able to program monthly payments into our B2B, massively simplifying PO and budgetary processes.

HPE Financial Services

CBT helps take the rough edges off large, complex and highly integrated orders while helping drive standards and efficiency for spot buys around the world.

Fortune 50 Auto Manufacturer

Time and again, the CBT team comes through for us when we need it most.

Fortune 50 Aerospace Company
Why CBT?

Modern IT procurement demands a new approach that accelerates processes, lowers costs and fuels strategic growth.

At CBT, we consistently deliver excellence thanks to our first-class team and an unrivaled partner ecosystem that ensures best-of-breed technologies for your unique business needs. With almost 20 years’ experience delivering enterprise-class solutions, CBT can augment your enterprise with the tools to excel in the competitive global marketplace.