Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award

Boeing Performance Excellence AwardLast week, our Founder and CEO, Kelly Ireland, had the pleasure of representing CB Technologies at Boeing’s 2018 Global Supplier Conference. Not only is this event a fantastic opportunity to network with the top suppliers in Boeing’s ecosystem, but also Kelly was there to collect CB Technologies’ two awards for 2017. In addition to the previously announced 8th consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Award, CB Technologies was also chosen for Boeing’s prestigious Excellence in Advocacy Award for 2017.

The Boeing Company issues the Excellence in Advocacy Award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance in government outreach activities, helping government policymakers better understand aerospace issues and promote legislation that supports aerospace companies. Boeing chooses to recognize suppliers like CB Technologies because they know we are uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of key business issues that strengthen awareness among community leaders, elected officials and decision-makers.

“With ever-growing global competition, lending our collective voice to advance shared interests is an integral part of our jobs,” said Boeing Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations, Jenette Ramos. “Boeing and suppliers like CB Technologies have shown – and will continue to demonstrate – that together, we have the ability to shape aerospace policy, and positively impact the economy, employment and communities.”

Given this unique vantage point, CB Technologies has always worked hard to encourage policy awareness in support of the aerospace industry and manufacturing businesses across the U.S.

When asked about the significance of the award, Kelly said, “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from the Boeing Company. We recognize the critical role of the extensive small business network and the support it brings to this effort. Small businesses are the lifeblood of this industry supporting every major program across the globe. CB Technologies will continue to advocate in support of Boeing and its missions.”

Boeing Performance Excellence Award

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