CBT and Texmark

Amid Exciting RotF Project, CBT signs on as Texmark Chemical’s Systems Integration and IT Support Contractor

We are proud to announce that Texmark Chemicals, Inc. has chosen CBT as their systems integration (SI) and information technology (IT) support contractor. This decision is the culmination of CBT’s work with Texmark over the past year, as an ecosystem partner within the Refinery of the Future (RotF).


As the systems integrator for Texmark, CBT will provide technical assistance in the evaluation, recommendation and implementation of critical IT applications at Texmark’s petrochemical plant. According to Texmark CEO, Doug Smith, it didn’t take long for their team to recognize CBT’s prowess in this area. “CBT’s keen organizational, planning, and execution abilities were quickly recognized by the Texmark team,” says Smith. “It became clear to management that CBT was excellent at communicating and collaborating with diverse groups – a requisite for our systems integration needs.”

In addition to systems integration, CBT will oversee the growing IT support requirements at the plant. CBT personnel will help steer Texmark as they evaluate and implement new IT offerings, within the context of RotF and corporate-wide. “CBT provides leadership, technology prowess, and a deep bench of knowledgeable professionals to help us address unforeseen business, operational, and testing challenges to our IT framework,” says Smith.

“CBT is pleased to be chosen as an integral segment in both the IT and OT areas of Texmark’s business,” says CBT’s SVP of Customer Success, Stan Galanski. “Our extensive experience in compute, storage, and networking will be able to support Texmark’s IT requirements across its administration, operations, and engineering segments, while our strong background in systems integration will be well exercised across the RotF landscape. Working closely with Texmark allows us to extend our reputation outside the aerospace and automotive industries and into the energy sector.”

Want to learn more about CBTs’ work at Texmark? Check out our video from the Refinery of the Future:

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