IT Supply Chain Optimization: Custom Asset Tagging and Quoting

Enhancing IT Lifecycle Management through Custom Asset Tagging and Quoting

In the underpinnings of every modern enterprise is an IT infrastructure and management system. As companies grow, that network gets more complex, and tracking those assets becomes exceptionally challenging.

As an example, our customer – an industry-leading, Fortune 50 Aerospace Company (F50 Aero) – was faced with this issue on towering enterprise scales. As they worked to interface with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) quoting system, they were met with documentation that wasn’t cohesive with their internal operations. Essentially, this meant everything ground to a halt as one large company’s backend team was unable to work in tandem with the others. 

Merging the decades-developed internal infrastructure at F50 Aero with the rigid and complex quoting systems of HPE became a top priority for both companies since they were otherwise unable to continue significant business together. This ultimately meant CB Technologies needed to step in and design a custom quoting and asset tagging system, vastly improving IT lifecycle management. CBT leveraged our years of experience working with F50 Aero to integrate HPE’s elaborate processes with F50 Aero’s existing infrastructure.

We have an understanding of how they do business. We can support their current infrastructure – we’re able to help them in long-term planning through non-disclosure briefings, lifecycle management, and help them align their procurement with technology releases.

Gary Levins, Sr. Enterprise Architect, CBT

Ultimately, we translated HPE’s complicated BOMs (Bill of Materials) and tagged quoted assets in F50 Aero’s internal systems to allow for smoother implementation, and more accurate tracking and accounting.

This ability to have the IT quoting and asset tagging process custom-tailored to existing infrastructure is only possible with a systems integrator that understands what you need.

We’re not going to sell any package to our customers, we’re going to figure out what they need and provide a customized solution that meets those needs. It’s this attitude of approaching projects that exemplify the effectiveness of our work at CBT.

Leveraging a custom quoting system for F50 Aero has made quotes simpler to read, easier to understand at a quick glance, and sped up the procurement process on order entry. Advancing from initial quoting, proper asset tagging arguably stands as a larger benefit.

By tagging each server and interfacing that data with F50 Aero’s management system, we’ve been able to bring accounting, tracking, and system information all into one place. That means when assets are transferred or offloaded, they aren’t lost and/or can be correctly recategorized.

In addition to the benefits of a refined quoting system and asset tagging, CBT builds stability between larger enterprises like F50 Aero and HPE. While both these behemoths experience frequent employee turnover and therefore struggle to build strong tribal knowledge about their customers. CBT’s core internal team has been largely unchanged for a decade.  

One of the assets we have is longevity. Our people tend to stay for 5-10 years. CBT is the stable connection between F50 Aero and HPE.

Gary Levins, Sr. Enterprise Architect, CBT

In any enterprise as massive as HPE, turnover is to be expected at a high rate. By functioning as the safe and reliable systems integrator, the traditional stresses of F50 Aero and HPE’s business relationship are mitigated.

In conclusion, all companies face a challenge when building systems and processes to manage their IT assets. However, when you’re dealing with organizations as large as F50 Aero and HPE, the task becomes all the more daunting. Systems integrators like CBT can be the solution to these systematic woes. We are here to partner with our customers, truly understand their needs, and deliver innovation made to order.

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