IT Supply Chain Optimization: B2B Experience Portal

Fortune 50 Auto Manufacturer Utilizes CBT’s B2B Experience Portal to Deliver Flexible Supply Chain Optimization in 40 Countries


CBT is a premier, woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator breaking the mold of traditional technology solution design. Our digital transformation strategies bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to provide business outcomes beneficial across the entirety of an organization. With the focus areas of Industrial IoT, HPC & Analytics, Hybrid IT, and IT Supply Chain Optimization, we’re ready to take your innovation initiatives from ideas to execution.

A perfect example of how CBT delivers value to its customers is the following B2B Supply Chain Optimization success story at one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. As a large-scale manufacturer of automobiles and commercial vehicles, the customer needed a customized B2B portal that optimized, simplified, and brought greater visibility to the OEM procurement process for offices in over 40 countries.


ITSCO, IIoTThe IT supply chain often presents hurdles in dealing with enterprise infrastructure, but a customer’s interaction with it drastically changes when they’re offered solutions instead of roadblocks.

When a Fortune 50 US Automobile Manufacturer (hereafter referred to as “F50 Auto”) was looking to cut costs and save time within their IT supply chain, they were met with a familiar issue: rigidity. F50 Auto was working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) B2B portal and it simply wasn’t allowing them the level of control and visibility they desired. The need for a custom solution becomes clear when you realize F50 Auto buys for 40 global internal organizations in 30 different currencies at 30 different exchange rates, all refreshed monthly. Managing this complexity wasn’t something the standard OEM portal from HPE could provide.

As is common with large OEMs, HPE’s true strength is creating innovative, industry-leading technologies rather than the logistics of how their customers purchase and consume them. Customers often need to escape the one-size-fits-all OEM platforms necessitated by the size and breadth of OEMs’ clientele bases. That’s why domain expert integrators like CBT are critical to assist our OEM partners and our mutual buyers with solutions like our fully customized B2B Experience.

F50 Auto wanted one place to go for everything. They wanted one single point of contact (CBT) which they didn’t have before.

Tascha Price, Sr. Client Services Manager at CBT

As a more agile company, CBT can react and adapt to our customers’ needs more nimbly than our OEM partners. We function as the driving gear connecting OEMs to their accounts and vice versa. This allows us to approach the IT supply chain a little differently – we customize our solutions by analyzing our clients’ specific needs and creating streamlined purchasing platforms. We can provide easy-to-consume reporting information along the buying journey that greatly reduces the complexity around approvals and purchasing decisions. This pivots the supply chain from an obstacle into the foundation for our clients’ innovation.


Through our proven discovery process, Innovation Delivery as a Service, we learned F50 Auto required several key capabilities to meet their business goals: the quoting process had to be simplified through bundles and catalogs, the ordering process made quicker and easier through fast replication and interdepartmental sharing and the delivery of equipment from the OEM to the customer needed to flow more smoothly through managed shipping costs and order tracking.

The resulting solution created for F50 Auto was:

  1. Fast – By simplifying the complexity of large engineering configurations and creating product bundles, we improved F50 Auto’s order processing and expedited order approvals.
  2. Simple – Our user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with the OEM’s catalogs and systems to break down complicated on-demand lease quotes and orders.
  3. Flexible – The fully customizable experience allows F50 Auto’s management teams to easily build and edit standardized configurations, integrate international ordering logistics like exchange rates, shipping costs, and more.
  4. Comprehensive – Through custom dashboards, we provide accurate reporting and quarterly audits, plus comprehensive asset tracking and automated product end-of-life scanning and notification.


Through the B2B Experience portal, we were able to meet F50 Auto’s desires for IT Supply Chain Optimization with innovations that allowed greater visibility, flexibility, and control throughout the buying process.

These adjustments have built trust between CBT and F50 Auto, and have even contributed to a stronger relationship between them and HPE. F50 Auto’s business with HPE and CBT has increased by 194% since our initial engagement in 2015. These purchases are currently providing critical infrastructure for innovative, complex projects such as building the world’s first commercially available autonomous vehicle.


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