CBT Newsletter: July 2020

Delivering Smart Manufacturing with IIoT

Newsletter: July 2020

Hello from CBT Solution Services,

Welcome to another addition of CBT’s monthly newsletter! As we all know, today’s challenging environment has had significant impacts on how we conduct our day-to-day business interactions. Normally, the warmer weather brings conference season and we find ourselves traveling to destination cities and spending many hours in conference centers. 2020 has introduced us to the new normal, virtual conferences.

HPE’s Discover Virtual Experience 2020 is one of the largest conferences in the tech industry and is currently underway, providing a ton of valuable content through on-demand sessions and demonstrations. From innovative IT consumption solutions, to the latest industry-leading platforms designed to help businesses in this time of recovery, to continued conversation around true Digital Transformation. I was happy to be asked to speak about Smart Manufacturing and how CBT’s experience in Industrial IoT solution development and delivery perfectly aligns us to be a trusted advisor in customer’s Smart Manufacturing journey. I’d be honored if you gave it a watch!

It is more important now than ever identify key use cases that deliver on the promise of improved efficiency, higher productivity, and increased profitability. CBT utilizes a design thinking approach to work collaboratively with customers in the use case identification process. So, whether it is a predictive maintenance solution for high-value assets or a connected worker implementation that increases worker efficiency, CBT will guide you through the full journey.

Best wishes,
Lonnie Ludwig, VP of Solution Services

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