CBT Newsletter: March 2021

Watch Now: Experts Discuss How IT/OT Convergence is Critical to Industry 4.0

Newsletter: March 2021


IDC Expert Panel, Webinar Speakers


The new year continues to provide both opportunities and challenges to our everyday lives. The good news: technology will lead the way to a new, more productive, flexible, and faster way to accomplish professional and personal goals, all with improved economics.

Technological advancements have continued to be developed and deployed, despite the pandemic. Transformation is taking place due to technology leverage throughout business organizations. Information Technology continues to provide traditional on-premise solutions, while cloud benefits continue to grow and the intelligent edge is fully in play. Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation for operational transformation and vertical-specific benefits. At CBT, we are now seeing production solutions and realized benefits as a result of the following…

  • Industry 4.0
  • Refinery of the Future
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Cities
  • Connected Utilities
  • Medical Delivery and Educational Transformation

Last week, CBT hosted an expert panel around IT/OT Convergence and Industry 4.0. The session was led by top analyst from IDC and included executive-level participants from HPE and PTC. We welcome your thoughts and opinions regarding the industry trends discussed on the panel and relish the opportunity to discuss where CBT can enhance your experience by starting, maturing, or completing your technology transformational journey.

Thank you for investing and trusting CBT and our eco-system partners.

​​​​​​Best Regards,
Rob Schaeffer

Watch the On-Demand Session Now

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