CBT Newsletter: May 2021

How CBT Takes Ideas to Execution for IoT at the Edge

2021 Newsletter, Issue #5: May


IoT, AI Expert Panel

Friends & Colleagues,

Thank you for reading. Today, I’m pleased to share some exciting updates at CBT. Firstly, I’m thrilled to announce that CBT’s headquarters in Orange, CA have officially re-opened and we’ve welcomed our local teams back to the office. Although we’re still taking full precautions with masks and social distancing, it’s wonderful to have our teams back in person. Although everybody performed admirably and minimal productivity was lost during the at-home period, we’re so happy to have our CBT family back working together once again to provide the best possible service to our customers and partners.

In addition, I’d like to share an impactful content update. CBT was recently joined by experts from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA to discuss how enterprises can leverage performance-intensive computing as the engine for IoT at the Edge. The discussion was led by Peter Rutten, IDC Research Director for Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies. The panel covered edge market developments, drivers for IoT, common challenges, and panelists’ responses to IDC’s latest edge predictions. This conversation is exceptionally relevant as CBT continues to highlight the importance and impact of IT/OT convergence.

I encourage you to watch the panel on-demand and reach out with any questions or comments about the content.

Wishing you all continued health and prosperity,
​​​​​Rob Schaeffer

Watch the On-Demand Session Now

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