CBT Newsletter: November 2020

CBT Enabling Remote Work for Critical Industries During the Pandemic

Newsletter: November 2020

As you many know, CBT has focused our efforts during the coronavirus pandemic on enabling remote work and lowering operational costs for critical industries with our Connected Worker solutions. We’re thrilled with the outcomes delivered to our customers and wanted to share a few success stories segmented by industry:

The Welding Team at Utility customer was struggling with errors on job completion and regulatory documentation. Due to the manual nature of the welding work, their team was unable to fill out the necessary paperwork during their job and had been taking notes on scraps of paper then trying to translate those notes to the regulatory forms at a later time.
Each time their team submit a form with an error, the Utility was fined as much as $10,000 per day until the error had been corrected.

With CBT’s Connected Worker solution, the Utility field reps can access and complete their paperwork via voice commands (hands-free) in real time and at the point of work. The information is captured accurately and submit electronically, vastly reducing the human errors previously causing those hefty fines.

A major US College of Medicine is implementing Connected Worker to empower doctors and nurses with the ability to connect with non-local expert physicians in real time. This
reduces the number of visits patients have to make as local doctors can access specialists remotely in real time. The College is also revolutionizing their training practices with Connected Worker. Students and residents will be able to view critical and complex procedures as if watching through an expert’s eyes.

One of the largest US Nail Manufacturers is utilizing Connected Worker to reduce the costly downtime of critical equipment. They’re using Connected Worker to document the
setup of their machines and capture best practices for standardization. These documented processes are delivered to workers hands-free via augmented reality workflows to ensure
that every worker performs critical set up procedures exactly like the shift leader would. This offers a tremendous ROI simply by reducing errors and limiting production downtime.

As you can see, the use cases for Connected Worker are ever expanding. CBT is proud to be offering solutions to meet the critical needs of our customers in so many varying ways.

To learn uncover Connected Worker use cases for your business or customers, visit our website and/or schedule a meeting with our innovation team.

Darrell Rowland
Director, Sales

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