Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Webinar Series

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Webinar Series

Condition Monitoring (CM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) are the top return on investment (ROI) opportunities in manufacturing and industrial process applications. PdM delivers ROI in asset intensive industries including manufacturing and industrial process operations.

Businesses need their assets to operate at full capacity with the lowest maintenance costs possible. CM and PdM allow this balance to occur. When asset condition data is integrated with maintenance and operations data, its gives a holistic, analytical view for predicting maintenance needs, operational anomalies, and business outcomes.

Sept 2 Webinar: Empowering CM and PdM

Condition Monitoring and Predictive MaintenanceThis webinar introduces important information systems infrastructure elements, their interconnection, edge analytics, and the expected areas of benefit to the owner/operator of the assets.

Asset Intensive Industries need their assets to produce maximum quality product at the lowest cost. To meet this need, monitoring assets for performance and asset health is paramount for real-time visibility of asset productivity.

Information system considerations include sensor data collection, industrial networking and security, edge data management and analytics, software application integration, and delivery of actionable information to workers and decision makers.

Oct 28 Webinar: Advancing Data Analytics to Support CM and PdM

Asset intensive industries are all around us. Any enterprise using machinery to create, enhance, or transport products requires rotating and stationary assets to operate at maximum capacity with the lowest operational costs. The integration of asset data, analytics, and visualization empowers organizations to improve and maintain the reliability and availability of physical assets. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance forecasting work to provide maximum production capacity and the lowest operational costs by tracking the health and performance of assets and by advising us of future maintenance and adjustment needs.

This presentation underscores machinery and equipment data sources as the backbone for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance analytics. Using several case studies, we will explore levels of analytics from thresholds, to business KPIs, to advanced statistics, and the opportunity for machine learning.


Download our white paper: “Unlocking the ROI Potential of Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance” to learn more about the benefits of an integrated CM & PdM program.