Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance InfoBrief

Reduce Operational Costs, Increase Production Capacity, and Improve Safety With Industrial Edge Technologies

From factory floors to oil-drilling platforms, industrial equipment is generating terabytes of data at the edge. Harnessing and analyzing that data in near real-time can prevent costly equipment failures and optimize the scheduling of needed repairs to minimize downtime and deliver greater value. Technology solutions from HPE and integrator CBT make it viable to apply advanced data collection to older existing facilities, not just greenfield projects.

Many manufacturers and processes tend to rely on rule-of-thumb guidelines for maintaining and servicing older machines and devices. Data-driven condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) can transform data into real value. Integrating asset condition data with maintenance and operations data provides a holistic analytic view for predicting maintenance needs, operational anomalies, and business outcomes.

Read the Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (CM and PdM) InfoBrief below to learn how you can transform data into real value.

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