Empowering Frontline Heroes With Connected Technology

Custom Connected Technology

Connected Worker uses hardware and software technologies to support frontline heroes in the field.

The technologies include a combination of:

  • Wearables
  • Desktop Computer/Laptop/ Tablet/Phone
  • Camera
  • Software that varies according to need
  • Connectivity
  • Database/Resource Center
  • Mic and Speaker with noise- cancellation functionality for loud environments

Frontline heroes and their supporters behind the scenes benefit from two-way audio, video communication, and conferencing technology.

The solution is optimized for wearable devices (which can be mounted on multiple types of headgear) but can also be enabled on smartphones and tablets:

When paired with customized software, the wearable device can be used to display and share the worker’s viewpoint on many devices, such as:

CBT has the know-how to architect a solution that meets the unique needs of heroes in any industry.

See how Connected Worker technology has been used by frontline heroes in key industries to increase productivity, promote safety, and boost profits.


Healthcare heroes can consult with each other during procedures and while examining patients. Connected Worker technology can be used in telemedicine to:

Collaborate remotely using 1-on-1 and conferencing functionalities

Oil & Gas

Texmark Chemicals used Connected Worker to achieve the Refinery of the Future.2 The petroleum product manufacturer found multiple IoT use cases for the technology. Read the Case Study here.

The frontline heroes in the oil and gas industry who fuel our communities can use Connected Worker to:

Increase safety

Drive maintenance efficiency

Bolster compliance procedures by

Increase training capabilities


Utility companies that supply vital water and power can use Connected Worker to support their frontline heroes as they install and service equipment in the field by allowing them to:

Communicate with the command center and expert resources through:

Connected technology also keeps utility heroes safe by freeing their hands and limiting distractions. Connected Worker also replaces traditional paper and pen records.


Industry Week reported that technologies that guide people who set up and operate equipment are instrumental.3 Connected Worker helps the heroes at the manufacturing companies we rely on for essential products:

Reduce factory downtime which directly impacts the bottom line


Brave construction workers are exposed to necessary risk as they complete crucial infrastructure projects. Connected Worker helps these heroes:


Automotive worker heroes keep the U.S. productive and ensure our vehicles run safely. Connected Worker supports the automotive industry by helping with:

Letting customers see what the technician sees

Envision How Connected Worker Can Support Your Frontline Heroes

The use cases for Connected Worker are endless.

At CBT, we work with our customers to find appropriate use cases and customize the solution to meet their needs. We collaborate closely with organizations and their workers to innovate ways for using Connected Worker.

Once you see the technology in action, you’ll envision how it will transform your business.

Seeing is believing. Receive a virtual demo from a CBT expert and see for yourself what Connected Worker can do.


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