Delivering Innovation through CBT’s B2B Experience


ITSCO, IIoTThe IT supply chain is often the beginning of hurdles in dealing with enterprise infrastructure, but our interaction with it changes drastically when you start seeing solutions instead of roadblocks. As a boutique systems integrator, CB Technologies looks at the IT supply chain a little differently – we optimize it with solutions like our B2B Experience portal, turning the supply chain into the foundation for our clients’ innovation.

When a Fortune 50 US Automobile Manufacturer (hereafter referred to as the customer) was looking to cut costs and save time within their IT supply chain, they were met with something most modern companies meet: rigidity. The customer was working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) B2B portal and it just wasn’t allowing them the control that they wanted, like most OEM solutions. That’s where we stepped in with our fully customized B2B Experience.

“[The Customer] wanted one place to go for everything. They wanted one single point of contact which they didn’t have…” says Tascha Muldrow, client services manager at CBT. As a much smaller company than the customer, we were able to function as the driving gear connecting HPE to the customer and vise versa, through customization along the IT supply chain.

In terms of this customization, the customer needed the quoting process to be streamlined through bundles and catalogs, the ordering process made quicker and easier through fast replication and interdepartmental sharing, and the delivery of equipment from the OEM to the customer to flow smoother through managed shipping costs and order tracking. The customer needed to escape the one size fits all mentality.

This need to have a custom solution becomes clear when you realize the customer buys for 40 global internal organizations in 30 different currencies at 30 different exchange rates all refreshed monthly. Managing this complexity wasn’t something the standard OEM portal from HPE could provide.

We were able to meet this desire for customization with actualizable innovation that “allowed them to control their costs and even contributed to a larger relationship between HPE, [the customer], and CBT” says Eric Bradford, the former Account General Manager at HPE for the customer’s account and now the Director of Global Sales-East at CBT.