Delivering Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity for Frontline Workers

Delivering Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity for Frontline Workers

CBT Presents at Connected Worker: Energy & Utilities Conference


  • Mike Stebick, CBT Solution Manager – Wearable Compute
  • Ryan Heflin, RealWear Customer Development Representative

It is widely recognized that the volume of available data has grown, and continues to grow, exponentially. However, organizations are now seeking ways to better interpret, visualize, and distribute meaningful insights from that data to their frontline workers.

CBT has partnered with RealWear to deliver Connected Worker solutions that directly address these challenges. Our solutions utilize tailored software combinations enabled on RealWear’s HMT-1 and 1Z1, smartphones, and tablets to provide effective ways for field workers to visualize, consume and communicate actionable information. These solutions gives maintenance and operations teams the tools they need to assess operations performance so they can make critical decisions safely, in real-time, and at the actual point of work.

In this presentation, CBT will walk through our Connected Worker solution portfolio and our top case Energy and Utilities case studies. We will be joined by RealWear who will give a real-time demonstration of their HMT-1 device, including why it’s the perfect foundation for any Connected Worker solution.