DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibit

DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibit

Our local team attended the DistribuTECH conference and exhibition, January 23-25 in San Antonio. The conference focused on both the business and technical areas of interest for the utility industry.

This event brings together over 13,000 professionals from upwards of 325 Electric, Gas and Water Utilities and dissects three key segments of the utility market: power generation, power transmission, and power distribution. The CB Technologies team joined the Texas exhibition in order to learn from and contribute to the thought leadership among the utility community.


Exhibit Hall at DistribuTECH 2018

For CBT, the key takeaways from the conference primarily surround our Asset Intelligence Practice, as it relates to the Utilities Sector. With the growing number of natural disasters caused by climate change, Utilities may need our help to improve operational efficiency and safety, better address social and ecological issues, and develop more agility in responding to outages and unplanned/emergency situations. With our team’s presence at the conference, we gained key insights into utilities customers’ technical and business challenges and will use this information in improving our solutions and services moving forward.


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