Diversity and Inclusion Blog Series

Diversity and Inclusion Blog Series Description:

Have you ever thought you knew the answer until someone else shared a different perspective? In business, in school, and in life people are looking for the opportunity to create solutions, influence decisions, and solve problems. It’s a natural desire to prove yourself right or to be the one that made a difference. What’s more difficult is being open-minded, considering alternatives, and proactively seeking different perspectives. In this new “Diversity & Inclusion – Why it matters and how CBT is taking action” blog series, we will discuss diversity and inclusion’s importance and impact in the workplace as well as ways CBT is putting them into practice.

Part 1: Diversity and Inclusion. Why it Matters and How CBT is Taking Action.

Future of Work Inclusion Initiative | Diversity and Inclusion Blog SeriesDiversity not only demonstrates an organization’s core values and approach to equality, but it also is proven to deliver improved company performance. As a company founded and led by a woman, CBT’s approach to diversity and inclusion stems from a time when very few women were working in the tech sector, let alone leading companies.

Part 2: Future of Work Inclusion Initiative

Future of Work Inclusion Initiative | Diversity and Inclusion Blog Series

In the wake of social injustices erupting reactions on a global scale that range from peaceful protest to violence and vandalism, it is critical that business leaders focus on creating an environment where people from all walks of life can belong, grow and thrive. As you read through this article, consider ways you as an individual can make a difference, ways your company can make a difference, and how that can inspire others to do the same.

Part 3: Building the Best Team with Diverse and Inclusive Hiring

Diverse and Inclusive Hiring

Hiring is more than just going through the motions of collecting applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating terms – it starts with the way the job is promoted and doesn’t end until the candidate is fully onboarded and thriving in their new role. Diverse and inclusive hiring indicates that each step of the hiring process is driven by awareness: intentional language, a welcoming environment, open-minded interviewers and a fair, equitable rating process.


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