How to Give Your Business an Edge with High Performance Computing

The power of high performance computing (HPC) was once limited strictly to government agencies, scientific communities, and massive corporations. However, numerous technological advancements in recent years have put HPC within reach for mid-sized businesses.

HPC no longer requires unlimited funds and highly-trained in-house specialists for implementation and operation. Drastic improvements in processing power, internet bandwidth, hybrid IT, and data storage have made HPC both affordable and practical for the average sized company.

As HPC’s availability increases, so does its necessity. The commercial HPC market has grown significantly, and it is expected to push the global HPC market from $27.28 billion (USD) in 2017, to near the $40 billion mark by 2023.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits offered by HPC. Massive amounts of previously unusable data can now be collected, analyzed, and used to increase efficiency and solve complex issues. For successful innovation in today’s world, HPC is no longer optional; it is a requirement.

Imagine, for a moment, what the future of your business would look like if you could, not only collect, but also process, analyze, and put to use 100x more data than you are currently capable of. HPC offers businesses an opportunity to turn data into new answers to old challenges, quickly and cost-effectively.

Businesses are modernizing and expanding their operations with the help of HPC solutions. Data-intensive workloads can now be completed quickly, efficiently, and in more cost-effective ways. Performance and operations can reach peak optimization. HPC is keeping businesses at the top of their industries by providing innovative solutions to complex challenges.

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Data Never Sleeps

Advanced technology is now a part of everyday life, and it has exponentially increased the amount of data that is generated on a daily basis. We are currently creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. 90% of the data that now exists in the world has been produced in just the last two years.

HPC harnesses this raw data and uses it to solve the most prominent technical challenges facing businesses today. Among other things, HPC can improve financial analytics, data security, fraud prevention, and product design. Companies are expected to solve problems quickly, operate efficiently, and remain at the forefront of innovation if they want to stay competitive. To do this, they must implement and take advantage of HPC.

Real-time Prediction and AI

HPC offers data-driven businesses real-time prediction technologies to gain an advantage over their competitors. High performance computing solutions, coupled with artificial intelligence, are fundamentally responsible for the substantial growth of the commercial HPC market.

Financial service providers, manufacturers, oil and gas exploration companies, and even commercial farmers can now utilize HPC to confront and solve the challenges in their industries. From analytics issues to complicated models and simulations, HPC can help generate the solutions to complex problems facing businesses today.

Data Analytics

While most companies already harvest vast amounts of data, much of this information is useless, as many of these businesses do not have an efficient means of processing and analyzing it. HPC uses high performance data analytics (HPDA) to turn this raw data into valuable information. HPDA uses machine learning systems, powered by HPC clusters, to produce an improved version of data analytics that can handle the enormous amounts of data being generated every day.

HPC Storage

With this rise in available data, comes the need for increased storage capacity and higher transfer rates. Traditional IT options can no longer keep up with performance demands. However, HPC storage solutions are capable of meeting these higher requirements, as well as supporting legacy data forms and newly emerging video, audio, and IoT device data formats. High performance storage technology also allows for real-time analysis of stored data, which is essential for matters like financial fraud detection.

Autonomous Vehicles and HPC

HPC brings the self-driving vehicle closer. According to ABI Research, there will be 8 million autonomous vehicles by 2025. Autonomous vehicles generate a massive amount of data. Intel predicts that an autonomous vehicle will produce four terabytes of data per day. To manage, optimize, and analyze the data, high performance computing is a must. HPC has the power to transform data into actionable insights to improve operations.

HPC and Industrial Applications

In today’s competitive market, manufacturers are continually looking for ways to cut costs and increase production. HPC allows pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently study the human genome and produce new cutting-edge treatments. Automakers use HPC solutions in the development of new vehicles with state-of-the-art designs and capabilities. Aircraft manufacturers can take advantage of HPC to explore new designs and run high-quality simulations.

Oil and gas companies are also utilizing HPC to make locating deposits easier and cheaper. This allows for greater leverage in land acquisition, as well as more efficient seismic data processing and reservoir modeling.

There is an overwhelming demand for better data security, as traditional IT solutions are failing to keep up and meet security and compliance requirements. HPC not only reduces the amount of time needed to run security checks, but it also provides the ability to cross-analyze data from multiple sources, increasing security for sensitive concerns like financial transactions.

Even the entertainment industry benefits from the use of HPC. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is constantly striving to close the visual gap between reality and animation. CGI requires a massive amount of computational power that only HPC solutions can provide. Satellite mapping, high-resolution image processing, and cryptographic analysis all need the capabilities of HPC.

HPC is more accessible and cost-effective than ever, allowing mid-sized businesses to take advantage of its numerous benefits and remain competitive. Better storage capability, cloud technology, as well as AI and predictive technologies are no longer limited to massive corporations. The commercial HPC market remains on the rise, and CB Technologies is well positioned to support this increasingly critical sector. Together, we can implement the optimal high performance computing solution for your business.

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