Bright Future in HPC Market Growth

CB Technologies Explores Opportunities with Aggressive Growth in HPC Market

In the last months of 2018, CB Technologies capped off a record year by standing tall at two of the most important gatherings for High Performance Computing (HPC), HP-CAST 31 and Supercomputing 2018 (SC18). These events took a great amount of preparation and coordination from our internal team and our partners (including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell Technologies, Splunk, WekaIO, Bright Computing and more) and a huge thanks is owed to everyone who helped make them both a success.


The High Performance Consortium for Advanced Scientific and Technical (HP-CAST) computing users group brings together leading HPE HPC users, technical staff, HPE executives, and HPE partners to discuss industry trends, customer issues, and product roadmaps. Our team made rounds at the conference alongside our longtime customer, Boeing, and debated the roadmaps together. It’s clear that the $35.4B HPC industry continues to grow and is rapidly shifting towards new workloads, like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, and analytics.

AI driving growth in HPC

These shifts create new demands on hardware, software, and the people who implement these workloads. AI and analytics will direct more and more of HPC spend in the coming years; by 2021, they’re projected to be 15-20% of the workloads on future HPC systems. We’re starting to see this trend with our current customers, as they design and build systems to support endeavors such as autonomous vehicles.

All very interesting, but what does it really mean? At CBT, we understand these trends allow us to more effectively help our customers by building solutions that meet their changing needs. One of our largest strategic partners, HPE, is already aligning their core technology and engineering to align with changes in the market. For example, we are excitedly tracking the continued development of HPE’s successor to the Apollo 8000, a fully-integrated, liquid-cooled HPC system.


SC18 gave us the opportunity to showcase ourselves in front of a community of 13,000 engineers, academics, purchasers, partners, customers, competitors, and technologists.


This was the first time CBT had a booth at SC18, which was a big step in declaring our presence as a thought leader in HPC. Stalwarts among the HPC crowd, Craig Reagan (Enterprise Account Executive) and Gary Levins (Sr. Enterprise Architect, HPC) were able to reach out to a large portion of their network and use our platform at SC18 to set up meetings with customers and partners to understand where we could work together to mutually grow our businesses.

Of the many interesting meetings at our booth, the highlight was a discussion with a major aerospace and defense contractor on their need to centralize their

CBT at SC18, HPC ConferenceHPC systems—a project we’ve successfully completed in the past with a similar Fortune 50 customer. The aerospace and defense contractor’s reps were excited to learn more about how we co-developed a centralized HPC service providing pay-as-you go resources for thousands of engineers.

Our booth also attracted partners like Bright Computing, Dell, and NVIDIA. The Dell meeting went so well that it stretched on for an additional hour as our teams discussed exciting synergies between our 2019 HPC strategies and projects.

We were also honored to have William Rocca, VP of solutions from OSNexus, join our booth to help communicate our HPC storage solution, STORAGE@scale. His energy and ability to go into detail with potential leads was invaluable over our four days at SC18.


2018 was a record year for CB Technologies, designing and deploying HPC clusters totaling over $65M in revenue. Events like HP-CAST & SC are critical to our ongoing growth because it is one of the few times during the year where we can spend significant time with key strategic players from both partner and client teams. This time is spent aligning our key technology partners with our customers’ HPC teams and ensuring our partner ecosystem understands or customers’ unique challenges.  With proper alignment of goals and resources, we can be confident in the validity of the solutions we’re working on, including HPC Storage, Analytics Visualization, Analytics software for HPC, and HPC Analytics Architectures.