CBT Becomes Inaugural CEI Member at HPE Discover 2019

HPE Discover 2019 | June 18-20

June has been a big month for the CBT team, sponsoring and exhibiting at three major national conferences over the first three weeks of the month. After attending PTC LiveWorx, June 10-13, we headed straight out to Las Vegas for HPE Discover.

HPE Discover is more focused on information technology (IT) than LiveWorx, but our goals remained the same: demonstrate that our methodology for Industrial IoT is unique and effective. We show that CBT is truly ahead of the crowd. This is because of our ability to move beyond proofs-of-concept (POCs) and deliver ROI in Industrial IoT projects.

Refinery of the Future ROI

Our work at Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future has been a topic of conversation for over a year now. Initially, the project was exciting but also daunting. CBT recognized that, for companies like Texmark, capitalizing on IIoT technologies would be uniquely demanding. This is because of their legacy IT and OT systems and worker safety considerations. This is also due to the need to keep the plant operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working with the Refinery of the Future Partner Consortium, we took a consultative approach to identify Texmark’s key functional and operational challenges. Then, we build them an individualized digital transformation roadmap.

The idea of utilizing IoT in an industrial environment like this is not uncommon, but very few companies have succeeded in implementation. After 12+ months of hard work, CBT can now proudly say that we (and the Refinery of the Future Partner Consortium) have delivered on 3 of the 5 original solution frameworks: Connected Worker, Asset Integrity Management and Video as a Sensor. No longer is the Refinery of the Future just a set of PowerPoint slides or a 5-minute demo. We’re collecting, analyzing and acting on data from critical pumps at the #1 producer of Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) in North America.

Here are the early results from 3 solutions deployed at Texmark’s plant in Galena Park, TX:

  1. 400% increase in efficiency of preventative maintenance
  2. 90% reduction in time to file compliance evidence
  3. 89% decrease in standard pump inspection time
  4. 75% reduction in time to identify equipment malfunction/degradation

Needless to say, these are powerful numbers that have had a profound effect on Texmark’s business. For example, in 2018, Texmark’s insurance provider doubled their insurance deductible. They felt Texmark’s mechanical integrity program was underdeveloped. Basically, there was too much risk and Texmark didn’t have a mitigation plan. Just one year later, having implemented the aforementioned solutions as part of the Refinery of the Future project, Texmark’s insurance provider reduced their deductible back to its original amount, and are also touring their other customers around Texmark’s plant. They wanted to demonstrate what an exemplary program looks like.

Conference Recap

Armed with substantiated ROI numbers from Texmark and bolstered by our success at LiveWorx, the CBT team hit the ground running at HPE Discover 2019. Here’s some detail on our activities and announcements from the conference:

Even larger than LiveWorx and featuring a number of the Refinery of the Future Consortium Members, HPE Discover was an excellent opportunity to spread the word about our success. CBT surprised many attendees and even HPE, as we were one of the first Systems Integrators to sponsor Discover at the Silver level. This gave us a prominent booth space and an excellent platform to build on the momentum from LiveWorx. Again, we were well supported by the conference host (HPE). We saw impressive traffic at our booth, giving 240+ demos over the course of 3 days. On this occasion, we were joined by Linda Salinas, VP of Operations at Texmark, who participated in a number of expert panels alongside our team and provided invaluable customer perspective.

HPE Discover 2019 - Connected Worker Session HPE Discover 2019 - CB Technologies' Booth








HPE Discover Industry Forum: “Enabling Connected Workers at Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future”

Our first breakout session at HPE Discover 2019 featured Stan Galanski (SVP of Customer Success at CBT) and Linda Salinas. Stan and Linda demonstrated how Connected Worker brings plant operators/operations into the 21st century. This is done with intrinsically safe devices that deliver actionable plant data in real-time.

HPE Discover Theater Session: “Asset Integrity Management at Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future”

Our second breakout session focused on the Asset Integrity Management solution. Here, Stan and Linda showed how technologies such as Palladio have vastly improved maintenance efficiencies and accelerated planning procedures. For example, it now takes hours versus days for Texmark to map out the location and necessary equipment adjustments for the production of a new chemical. This greatly enhances their ability to bring in new customers. It also enhances their ability to produce special batch orders. And it brings a ton of opportunity to their business.

HPE Discover Panel Session: “From Vision to Reality: Results from Three IoT Use Cases at Texmark’s Refinery of the Future”

In this session, Kelly joined four other women-technologists to discuss the results and lessons learned from the Connected Worker and Video as a Sensor solution. Here are the main takeaways from each panelist:

  1. “Don’t be scared of IoT. Dive in!” – Linda Salinas, VP Operations, Texmark Chemicals
  2. “Start small, think big.” – Donna Hannemann, Technical Sales Fellow, PTC
  3. “Use an integrator so you don’t get stuck in POC purgatory” – Kelly Ireland, Founder & CEO, CBT
  4.  “Don’t let little hiccups impede your progress” – Patti Ward, Director of IOTG, Intel

Kelly’s Interview with CRN

With the strong IT audience at this event, conversations centered around our integration of HPE’s industry-leading Edgeline and Aruba technologies. Kelly was interviewed by CRN and discussed how we’re integrating these IT technologies with operational technologies (OT) from partners like PTC and National Instruments to deliver something unique at Texmark:

However, we were not done there. Similar to LiveWorx, there was a very exciting announcement in store:

Inaugural CEI Member Announcement

As part of their $4 Billion commitment to advancing the Intelligent Edge, HPE is launching the Channel to Edge Institute (CEI) and CBT has been selected as an inaugural member.

The CEI focuses on real-world intelligent edge, Internet of Things and operational technology (OT) solution scenarios. It provides concrete examples of the return on investment for the customer and profitability for partners. This includes use cases, business cases, and go-to-market sales and marketing training. Additionally, it includes first-hand accounts from top customers.

Leading with innovative edge solutions

“At HPE we count it a privilege to step up to leading in the IIoT industry with innovative edge solutions, coupled with ecosystem programs such as the Refinery of the Future and the HPE Channel to Edge Institute (CEI)” said Dr. Tom Bradicich, Vice President and HPE Fellow, and Global Head of HPE Edge and IoT CoE & Labs. “SI’s like CBT, a Refinery of the Future pioneer and inaugural CEI member, join us as first-movers to ensure our customers are first-movers in their own industries.”

Reacting to this announcement, Kelly said, “We are tremendously excited to join the HPE Channel to Edge Institute (CEI) as an inaugural member. When HPE committed $4B to the Intelligent Edge last year, we knew we were perfectly positioned to make a strategic investment of our own. We know we will spearhead growth in this area. Joining the CEI is another validating step in CBT’s journey to becoming one of the leading domain expert integrators (DEI) in Edge and Industrial IoT.”

Read more about this announcement at CRN.com.

In Conclusion

CBT had another excellent experience at HPE Discover in 2019. The inclusion in HPE’s CEI is a proud moment for CBT. It validates the investment of time and resources we’ve made in Industrial IoT over the last few years. With support from HPE leadership and a groundswell of interest in integrating IT and OT technologies, we know that next year will be exciting for CBT.

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