HPE Discover: CBT Presents the Refinery of the Future

HPE Discover 2019: Refinery of the Future

CB Technologies is thrilled to be presenting our work from Texmark Chemicals‘ Refinery of the Future (RotF) at HPE’s Discover 2019, in Las Vegas. We will be busy this year, demonstrating a number of RotF solutions in various formats throughout the week. You can find us at booth #112 in the sponsors’ section (next to Intel), or attend one of our breakout sessions. Below you can find an introduction to the RotF project and a description of our planned demonstrations.


Background on RotF:

The RotF project set out to develop, test and deploy the latest in IIoT technologies to enhance the most important operational functions within a process manufacturing environment. It brings together a robust team of industry-leading partners (including HPE, ArubaPTC, National Instruments, OSIsoft, RealWear, and more) who have made an investment in solving real, pressing business problems and proving why IIoT matters. Together, we are building and integrating five solutions at Texmark’s petrochemical plant to achieve next-generation innovation, efficiency, and safety:

  1. Predictive Maintenance and Analytics
  2. Video as a Sensor
  3. Worker Safety and Security
  4. Connected Worker
  5. Asset Integrity Management

For further background, see our RotF page.

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HPE Discover Industry Forum
“Enabling Connected Workers at Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future”

The first of our breakout sessions will summarize the requirements, challenges and outcome of the Connected Worker solution.

Connected Worker provides the ability to deliver critical information and diagnostics to plant personnel utilizing location-based services, mobile devices, augmented reality (AR) visualization, and security authentication. This information is role, location and context-aware, meaning it dynamically adapts to its audience.

Additionally, Connected Worker enables visual remote guidance. This means on-site plant workers can collaborate with remote Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Texmark’s Operations Control Room. The SME is then able to guide the on-site worker through complex/delicate processes such as adjusting the process attributes on critical pump equipment. The RealWear HMT-1 smart hardhat is used to provide the collaboration experience between the on-site worker and the SME, using HPE’s MyRoom VRG.

We will conduct a demonstration utilizing HPE’s Edgeline Platforms, HPE Aruba Network and Access Points, RealWear’s HMT-1, PTC’s Vuforia, and HPE’s MyRoom VRG software. Future enhancements like the use of BLE beacons/RFID (radio-frequency identification) and 5G Cellular networks will also be discussed.

Session ID: IF9669
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Time: 4:00-4:30pm PST
Location: Theater 3
Speakers: Stan Galanski (VP Customer Success, CBT) and Linda Salinas (VP Operations, Texmark)

HPE Discover Theater Session
“Asset Integrity Management at Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future”

Our second breakout session focuses on the Asset Integrity Management solution.

Asset Integrity Management builds upon the work being done at Texmark around mechanical integrity, condition monitoring and predictive analytics. It adds asset tracking using Wi-Fi-driven, location-based services and can interface with back end ERP systems. Together, all of this will provide full asset management services throughout Texmark’s petrochemical plant.

We will demonstrate the solution’s graphic-projection flexibility, risk-based inspection activities, and anomaly investigation/resolution procedures. This functionality is achieved utilizing Palladio software running on an HPE EL4000 with an HPE NVIDIA graphics processor. Additionally, we will discuss the data exchange and conversion process with the Digital Twin, as well as the integration of all associated, unstructured asset files.

Session ID: T9722
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Time: 10:00-10:30am PST
Location: Theater 5
Speakers: Stan Galanski (VP Customer Success, CBT) and Linda Salinas (VP Operations, Texmark)

HPE Discover Panel Session
“From Vision to Reality: Results from Three IoT Use Cases at Texmark’s Refinery of the Future”

CBT Founder & CEO, Kelly Ireland, will join four other women-technologists to discuss the progress of the Connected Worker and Video as a Sensor solutions.

In addition to Kelly, this all-female panel includes representatives from HPE, Texmark, Intel and PTC. They will highlight how RotF’s IIoT technologies are enabling enhanced worker safety, faster and more efficient maintenance procedures, and remote guidance for plant technicians.

Session ID: PNL8515
Date: Tuesday, June 18
Time: 12:00-1:00pm PST
Location: Casanova 605
Panelists: Yanick Pouffary (IoT Chief Technologist, HPE Pointnext), Linda Salinas (VP of Operations, Texmark), Kelly Ireland (CEO, CB Technologies), Patti Ward (Director IOTG, Intel), Donna Hannemann (Technical Sales Fellow, PTC)

* Session times and dates still subject to change

CBT Booth (#112)
In the sponsors’ section (next to Intel)

Representatives from our team will be manning our booth at all times while the Discover Transformation Zone is open. We encourage you to stop by to meet our team, see a demonstration, and pick up some of our booth goodies!

If you are interested in meeting with our team at Discover, please use this form. If you are unable to make it to Las Vegas for Discover, we encourage you to schedule a visit to Texmark to see these IIoT technologies in action.