Hybrid IT (OLD)

Hybrid IT in Action

CB Technologies delivers gaming company, LiquidSky, a hybrid cloud environment that solves the issues of scale, performance and management, all at a lower cost than that of public cloud.

Hear from LiquidSky Founder and CEO, Ian McLoughlin on their CLOUD@scale success:

CBT Insights

CB Technologies’ experts design and implement clients’ unique ramp to hybrid cloud and the software defined data center – architecting data center environments to offer the security of the private cloud with the cost savings and simplified management of the public cloud.

Why Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT enables organizations to deploy workloads and source applications from the most appropriate delivery platform, based on their unique requirements (availability, performance, cost, security, compliance, location, etc.), resulting in a custom balance of flexibility and control.


CB Technologies’ award-winning solutions and services augment your enterprise with the necessary tools to excel in the global marketplace.

  • Best-in-class hybrid cloud
  • Fixed flat-rate monthly data-transfer costs (unmetered)
  • Full control of your own dedicated cloud resources
  • Automated provisioning of bare metal nodes, VMs & containers
  • Single-pane management of multiple hypervisors and public cloud resources. Lower overcommit of compute resources as compared to public cloud
  • Tunable file, block and object storage in a single SDS platform
  • Scale storage up and down as needed
  • Design resiliency for each component in your storage systemDesign resiliency for each component in your storage system
  • Allows your business to break free of costly proprietary solutions
More Success Stories
CBT delivered TerraPower, a sustainable nuclear energy company, a Software-Defined Storage platform for virtually limitless scale and extreme efficiency.
CBT architected a Software-Defined Storage solution for a leading US telecommunications company. Delivered as an appliance that's easy to use and manage, all at lower cost than competitors.
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