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CB Technologies designed gaming company, LiquidSky, a hybrid cloud environment (hybrid IT) to solve the issues of scale, performance, and management, all at a lower cost than that of a public cloud.

Hear from LiquidSky Founder and CEO, Ian McLoughlin:

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CB Technologies’ experts design and implement clients’ unique ramp to hybrid cloud and the software defined data center – architecting data center environments to offer the security of the private cloud with the cost savings and simplified management of the public cloud.

What is Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT enables organizations to deploy workloads and source applications from the most appropriate delivery platform, based on their unique requirements (availability, performance, cost, security, compliance, location, etc.), resulting in a custom balance of flexibility and control.

Industry Trends

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Hybrid IT is an approach to enterprise computing in which an organization provides and manages some information technology (IT) resources in-house but uses cloud-based services for others. Learn more about the trends in Hybrid IT with these content articles provided by CB Technologies.

Thinking bigger is better: Why your hybrid IT strategy needs to shoot for the stars

In 2017, I analysed the challenges CIOs are faced with as a result of an overwhelming influx of cloud services and the rise of shadow IT, the need to review cloud deployment architectures given the risk of hyperscale cloud failures. I also discussed the issue of multi-cloud implementation being mistaken for an effective hybrid IT strategy.As we begin 2018, hybrid IT shows no signs of losing its spot at the top of the IT infrastructure strategy business priorities list: Gartner predicts …

The Complex State of Hybrid IT: How to Make It Simple

In January, the President of the United States delivers the annual State of the Union address – a speech mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Other countries have similar addresses, such as the UK’s Speech from the Throne. The purpose of all such speeches is to give an account of past accomplishments and detail future goals.During HPE Discover Madrid at the end of November 2017, Ric Lewis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software-Defined and Cloud Group addressed the audience. As…

Creative Freedom through Digital Transformation

What happens when you take a company overflowing with artistic talent and combine it with technology that doesn’t hold them back? You get a digital transformation most businesses can only dream of.For a leading animation studio, digital transformation is certainly not a dream; it’s an everyday reality. Using today’s most innovative technologies, this film studio is able to unleash the creative genius of their storytellers, artists, and innovators — and produce better films on time and on bu…

Don’t get surprised by the cloud’s data-egress fees

Imagine getting into a nightclub for free, no cover. Now, imagine leaving the club later that night, and it charges you a cover charge to leave. That’s pretty much what the cloud providers do. Public cloud providers charge egress fees to move data out of their clouds—yes, your data. It’s still egregious that you’re being charged at the exit, not the entrance. But they all do it.Although egress fees change all the time and vary by provider, Amazon Web Services, for example, currently charges …

IDG Contributor Network: Why data democratization is crucial to your business

In the Information Age, the power of data has been mostly kept in the hands of a few data analysts with the skills and understanding necessary to properly organize, crunch, and interpret the data for their organization. This approach was born out of necessity—most employees were not trained how to effectively use the growing flood of data.But things have changed with the emergence of technologies capable of making data shareable and interpretable for nondata analysts. Data democratization al…

Cloud migrations: Don’t settle for just some operational savings

I’ve stopped thinking of simple migration to the public clouds as “success.”Yes, businesses do benefit. You decrease operational costs by a certain amount, if you plan correctly, and you certainly increase the convenience of not having to deal with hardware and software. But all that gets you to just 10 to 20 percent in savings.And that savings has a big price tag: Migration projects are very labor-intensive, and they often run into issues such as internal politics, cost overruns, and compli…

Complexity a killer when it comes to digital transformation success

Nearly six years ago, roughly 250 miles above the Earth, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) faced a problem.While trying to install a replacement Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU) on the outside of the ISS, which is one of the components necessary to provide power to the space station, they had trouble removing one of the bolts that may have been forced on during the installation of the prior unit. Once removed, metal shavings and other debris jammed in the bolt’s housing p…


CB Technologies’ award-winning solutions and services augment your enterprise with the necessary tools to excel in the global marketplace.

  • Best-in-class hybrid cloud
  • Fixed flat-rate monthly data-transfer costs (unmetered)
  • Full control of your own dedicated cloud resources
  • Automated provisioning of bare metal nodes, VMs & containers
  • Single-pane management of multiple hypervisors and public cloud resources. Lower overcommit of compute resources as compared to public cloud
  • Tunable file, block and object storage in a single SDS platform
  • Scale storage up and down as needed
  • Design resiliency for each component in your storage system
  • Allows your business to break free of costly proprietary solutions
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CBT delivered TerraPower, a sustainable nuclear energy company, a Software-Defined Storage platform for virtually limitless scale and extreme efficiency.
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