Intelligent Mobility: A Visitor's Experience

On Tuesday, April 24th, CBT and Aruba Networks held a Meridian workshop titled, “Intelligent Mobility: The Visitors Experience” in Santa Fe on Museum Hill.  The workshop was tailored to the local tourism entities in Santa Fe including contacts with the State of New Mexico Department of Tourism, Museums, Parks and Recreation, Cultural Affairs, Events and Venues, Tourism and Economic Development. The workshop showcased a customized application, built by CBT with Meridian technologies, that gives tourists an innovative way to connect, value and share their dynamic onsite experience.

Aruba Networks’ Rick Horsley shared how CBT and Aruba are working towards a goal of delivering unique technologies that could enhance the individual experience for visitors to New Mexico tourism sites. With the help of Rick’s team, CBT’s Michael Stebick built a Meridian Mobile App to serve as an example for these Tourism entities. Michael’s application delivered mapping and blue dot technologies to help guests navigate a particular site (ie. museum, park, etc.), while simultaneously delivering pertinent/educational information based on a guest’s location.

Michael walked through a demonstration of the unique application and helped each guest at the workshop experience the application on their own mobile device. Because the workshop was hosted at a New Mexico museum, Michael was excited to set up some Aruba beacons and give some real-life examples of the application at work. For instance, he was able to showcase how guests might receive the history and details about a particular painting or statue via the mobile app as they walk around different exhibits at the museum site.

As always, we were happy to have some lively discussion and interaction throughout the workshop. One major topic of conversation was how CBT can partner with line-of-business leaders to make sure a project like this doesn’t fall on the shoulder’s of IT. Rather, these entities can lean on CBT’s experienced team to build and deliver a custom application, similar to the demo. Many attendees agreed, this would significantly reduce the implementation burden and make them more likely to engage in a Meridian project in the future. Other hot topics of discussion were around reporting and analytics, positioning beacons, and making sure application information is kept updated and relevant.

Overall, we were exceptionally happy with the workshop as it proved productive both for our guests and the CBT development team. It’s clear there is a need in this industry and CBT and Aruba are combining to meet that need. Thank you to the museums for your support and our guests who attended. We look forward to working with you in the future!