IoT6 Exchange: Advancing Smart Infrastructure and IoT

CBT joined the nGage community at the nGage IoT6 Exchange as an industry expert, bringing our experience as a solution provider around the latest technology and solutions in Industrial IoT.

IoT6 Exchange is a hosted summit that brings a select group of enterprise end users, solution providers and industry thought leaders together to explore, learn and exchange best-in-class ideas around the latest technology and solutions to solve real issues in smart infrastructure and IoT. CB Technologies has been invited to join the nGage community as an industry expert. Our President, Jason Mendenhall, joined the IoT6 Exhange (Internet of Things) conference this week to discuss transforming operations, the supply chain and manufacturing for the industrial and manufacturing sector.  Jason held two 25-minute presentations on CBT’s Asset Intelligence Practice, focusing on actionable use cases to deliver on the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things.  CBT will be joining upcoming nGage events around Big Data and Enterprise HPC.

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