IT Supply Chain Optimization (ITSCO)

IT Supply Chain in Action

IT Supply Chain Optimization

CB Technologies’ B2B Experience delivers a procurement portal and interface that streamlines the order process for businesses in over 40 countries. IT Supply Chain Optimization. It handles multiple quote and configuration revisions, follows orders from inception through delivery and tracks assets through their life cycle.

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With decades of experience designing and deploying enterprise-class solutions, the experts at CB Technologies are ready to provide the knowledge and solutions to propel our customers’ success. By ensuring the optimal performance of critical business technologies and systems, CB Technologies minimizes costs, protects our customers’ competitive advantage and increases ROI.


IT Supply Chain Optimization (ITSCO) enables customers to gain a competitive advantage in the modern marketplace by streamlining the plethora of people, processes and technologies in the increasingly complex IT supply chain.

Industry Trends

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IT Supply Chain Optimization (ITSCO) enables a competitive advantage by streamlining the plethora of people, processes and technologies in the increasingly complex IT supply chain. Learn more about the trends in ITSCO with these content articles provided by CB Technologies.

Economic Impact of Supplier Diversity

BDR annual summit examines economic impact of supplier diversity

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CB Technologies’ award-winning solutions and services augment your enterprise with the necessary tools to excel in the global marketplace.

  • Best-in-class procurement interface
  • Shift CapEx to OpEx
  • Implement standardized configurations
  • Customize product bundles
  • Include multiple OEM catalogs
  • Personalize support services
  • Reduce time to delivery
  • Available in over 40 countries
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