Getting Started with Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions

Getting Started with Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions

Practical Guidance for AR Project Planning, Execution, and Success

IDC estimates that companies will spend $19.2 billion on hardware, software, and services relating to AR (augmented reality) in 20191.

Implementing an AR solution requires proper planning, including identifying the technology that will best fit your needs, as well as how it will be adapted into existing process, workflows, and systems.

The key to successful AR implementation is driving true business values that benefit the entire organization. As a Domain Expert Integrator of industrial IoT solutions, CBT helps organizations overcome their toughest business challenges by uniting the unique cultures and designing solutions to meet the goals of both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). We call our customer-centric solution design process Innovation Delivery as a Service. This crawl, walk, run approach is critical to success with IoT and AR solutions to ensure quick wins (ROI) and the ability to gradually scale the solution across the enterprise.

To learn more about how to get started with industrial AR can help augment your workforce, download the white paper below from our strategic partner PTC and schedule a follow up meeting with one of CBT’s experts.

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