Smart Manufacturing: Refinery of the Future

Texmark Makes Its Mark on the Refinery of The Future Ecosystem (PTC Texmark Webinar)

A leader in processing and manufacturing, Texmark Chemical’s Refinery of the Future (RotF) digital transformation initiative uses the IIoT to boost flexibility and efficiency.

Their RotF initiative targets increased safety while cutting maintenance times and liability costs. These objectives are reached via an IIoT platform to make real-time asset measurements, apply predictive analytics, and improve responsiveness.

Join our panel of experts who will highlight how Texmark Chemicals is working with PTC to achieve:

  • 90% faster compliance evidence filing times
  • 75% faster response to asset failures
  • 89% faster pump inspection times
  • Substantial reduction in safety and risk insurance liabilities

Texmark will share the strategies and lessons learned that delivered game-changing results quickly and at minimal expense. This webcast is a can’t miss if you’re looking for a clear roadmap to IIoT and digital transformation success. Register Now >>>



Doug Smith                      Stan Galanski
CEO, Texmark                  SVP, Customer Success, CBT


Mark D. Sen Gupta           James Zhang
Director of Research,       VP, Market Development, PTC
ARC Advisory Group