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Request a Briefing: CISO & Chief Technologist George Young
Briefings are a unique opportunity to meet 1-1 with a CBT Chief Technologist who has real-world experience with leading-edge technology integrations and implementations and get direct feedback on your most pressing business challenges. Fill out the form below to request a briefing with CISO & Chief Technologist George Young. Please provide as much info as possible to help speed up the approval process. Thank you!

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George Young

George Young

CISO & Chief Technologist, Intelligent Edge & Cyber Security

George’s Expertise:

Technology and Security Leadership, Management and Strategy

Cloud Security

Network Security

Governance, risk, compliance (GRC)

Policy compliance and auditing

Risk assessment & compliance

Intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Disaster recovery planning

Vulnerability management (availability, integrity, and confidentiality)

Data Network Architecture

Wi-Fi Architecture

Intelligent Edge

OT/IT Integration