Refinery of the Future Podcast - Episode 2

[Podcast] Delivering Next Gen IIoT: Refinery of the Future
Episode 2 – Connected Worker

Series Description:
With a robust team of industry-leading partners like HPE, Aruba and PTC, CB Technologies is helping Texmark Chemicals modernize their business with advanced Industrial IoT (IIoT). This Refinery of the Future podcast series is about the creation of the Refinery of the Future (RotF) and the development of its five core solutions: Predictive Maintenance & Analytics, Video as a Sensor, Worker Safety, Connected Worker, and Asset Integrity Management. Throughout the series, we’ll discuss how RotF delivers improved process analytics, up-time, customer satisfaction and worker safety.

Did you miss Episode 1? Here’s a link to get you all caught up.

Episode 2:
Host Peter Moser, IoT and AI Strategist at HPE, talks with Stan Galanski of CB Technologies and Linda Salinas of Texmark Chemicals about the Connected Worker solution they integrated into the Refinery of the Future. Tune in to hear them discuss how this set of location-based, context-aware tools connects field personnel with the specific, personalized information they need to make fast, informed decisions.


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