Cybersecurity & IoT Fireside Chat

Security, Privacy, and Trust for IoT Center of Excellence Fireside Chat

CBT Presents at IoT Day Slam 2022

Abstract: There are many issues regarding Security, Privacy, and Trust for IoT, and we begin to organize them into areas of focus and priority for the community. Device providers and entities that operate or interact with IoT devices need to cooperate to find ways to ensure these critical properties in IoT deployments, in the systems that include them, and for the massive amounts of data they produce. In a Q&A session, we explore the challenges we face due to the differences between the emerging IoT and previous generations of the Internet, especially with respect to scale, the prevalence of hyperconnectivity, and the merger of the cyber and physical worlds, and new modes of human interaction. We also discuss the emergence of standards that can help us all cooperate more effectively.

Speaker: George Young, CISO & Chief Technologist

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