Smart Manufacturing Blog Series

Smart Manufacturing Blog Series Description:

Smart Manufacturing is the intelligent, technology-driven approach that applies network-connected machinery to monitor the production process. The main goal is to identify potential opportunities for improving and automating manufacturing performance.

Smart Manufacturing is just one of many applications of the Industrial Internet of Things. From embedding sensors in manufacturing machines to collecting data on their operational status and performance, it has the ability to be utilized in many ways, and even many not yet realized. In the past, collected data was generally held in local databases on single devices; data was siloed. This type of information could then be used for determining causes of system failures and more, however, it was time-consuming and caused delays and additional unnecessary expenses.

Part 1: How Smart Manufacturing Can Grow Your Business

How Smart Manufacturing Can Grow Your Business. Smart Manufacturing Blog Series

With upside like long-term savings, improved efficiency, and increased productivity, the benefits to factories are reason enough to consider the possibility of Industry 4.0. So, what exactly is Smart Manufacturing and how can it make your organization more productive and more profitable? Let’s start with what it actually means.

Part 2: Proactive and Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories

Smart Manufacturing Blog Series

Smart Manufacturing is the convergence of operating technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) working together in real-time for the benefit of the manufacturer and the end customer. With the speed of technology advancement, new ideas arrive quickly and lead to new uses that before this Manufacturing 4.0 evolution, seemed out of reach. Yet today, there are a plethora of use cases available for implementation.

Part 3: Top Companies Implementing in Real-World Environments

Top Companies Implementing in Real-World Environments

Developing the right ecosystem for your Smart Manufacturing project happens with the top companies implementing in real-world environments. As such, CBT has taken the time to share the top companies implementing IIoT solutions in real-world environments. It’s like a perfect ecosystem formed via relationships that work strongly together.

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