SC'19 | Denver, CO | Nov. 18-21, 2019

The convergence of AI and HPC at SC19 – Supercomputing 2019 Denver

CBT has been joining SC19, an international conference for high-performance computing (HPC) storage, networking, and analysis, for many years now. The conference brings together hundreds of key partners to showcase the new advancements made in these topics, attracting both end-users and students.

CBT was thrilled to sponsor the conference and demonstrate the advancements we’ve made in HPC & Analytics. Over the past 5 years, CBT has built a powerhouse HPC & Analytics practice supporting Fortune 50 clients like Ford and Boeing with their most strategic computing needs. Unlike many point-solution vendors, CBT draws from a multitude of partnerships with industry leaders to ensure each and every one of our solutions is customized for our clients’ specific needs. It is these solutions in combination with CBT’s vast partner ecosystem that truly sets the company apart.

At the 2019 conference, a hot topic of conversation was the ways HPC and AI are converging to solve the world’s most complex problems and accelerate the pace of innovation. With AI, HPC is tackling previously unsolvable problems by modeling the world using experimental and simulation data. It’s also delivering real-time results with models that used to take days or months to simulate. With our internal expertise (100+ years combined experience in HPC) and the backing of partners like HPE, WekaIO, NVIDIA, Splunk, Bright Computing, Suse, Red Hat and more, CBT knows we have the tools and experience to exceed our clients’ expectations in these areas.

With CBT, you can:

  • Accelerate time to discovery and solve your most difficult computing challenges with greater success.
  • Create the computational power you need—at or above a teraflop—to address complex problems in science, engineering, and business.
  • Gather faster insights, run high-performance data analytics, fuel AI, and gain competitive advantage.

To speak with a team member about our solutions in HPC, please schedule a meeting.

SC19, Supercomputing, HPC, Denver, Analytics, HPC & Analytics, AI

SC19, Supercomputing, HPC, Denver, Analytics, HPC & Analytics, AI

SC19, Supercomputing, HPC, Denver, Analytics, HPC & Analytics, AI