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CBT September 2021 Newsletter

CBT Sept 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter! Last month, we announced our partnership with Guardhat and how we’re joining forces to deliver next-generation, end-to-end connected safety and productivity solutions for the global industrial workforce, including frontline and …

CBT July 2021 Newsletter

CBT July 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the July Newsletter! Last month, we launched our Transformational Customer Journeys (TCJ) project, which offered you an inside look into the innovative solutions we’re deploying with customers. To keep up-to-date with this project, visit …

CBT Newsletter: March 2021

Watch Now: Experts Discuss How IT/OT Convergence is Critical to Industry 4.0 Newsletter: March 2021



The new year continues to provide both opportunities and challenges to our everyday lives. The good news: technology will lead the way to …

The Top Companies Implementing in Real-World Environments

Developing the right ecosystem for your smart manufacturing project happens with the top companies implementing in real-world environments.

When it comes to Smart Manufacturing or Intelligent Manufacturing, advances in connectivity bring great opportunities to develop solutions for IIoT. However, successfully …