The Team Behind the Technology at CBT: Pam Paradiso

The Team Behind the Technology at CBT

An Interview with Pam Paradiso, VP of Administration 

Behind all of CBT’s leading-edge technology solutions are our employees, who embody our brand promise of Technology with a Human Touch. Join us behind the scenes in this blog series as we highlight our employees, our core values, diversity and inclusion, and of course, talk a bit of tech! Let’s learn more about the team behind the technology.

In this interview, meet Pam Paradiso who is the VP of Administration at CBT. Learn more about Pam, her role at CBT, and how she embraces our core values of collaboration, customer-centricity, focus, winning with integrity and honesty, and generosity of spirit.

To hear more from Pam, check out the full transcript of her interview below:

Hi Pam, thanks for joining us today and sharing a bit about yourself and your work. Let’s get started….

Question: You just got on a plane and you’re sitting next to an Executive. Let’s say it’s Mark Cuban! He asks who you work for – how would you describe CBT to him in 30 seconds?

Pam Paradiso: Hi Mark, I work for CBT, we’re a domain expert integrator. We provide technology solutions across industries, mostly to automotive and aerospace but also in other verticals like healthcare, utilities and oil & gas. Our practice areas include Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), High Performance Computing and Analytics, Hybrid IT and IT Supply Chain Optimization. Our main focus within Industrial IoT is Connected Worker. We can connect workers in the field with myriad resources: to corporate documentation, diagnostics, data dashboards or to other people (remote experts, trainers, and experienced colleagues located anywhere in the world). We can connect field reps via wearables and software combinations to enable more efficient, informed and safe job performance.

Question: Next, he asks what your role is and the value you bring to the company. How do you respond?

Pam Paradiso: I lead the administration team–HR, IT, facilities and office administration. I am also a member of CBT’s Executive Team. In addition to leading all those operation and administrative teams, I manage a lot of disparate conversations. My teams are the backbone supporting CBT.

Question: What makes you a great fit at CBT?

Pam Paradiso: I am positive and forward-thinking. I believe that there is no challenge that is insurmountable. I am constantly looking for ways to keep things moving in a positive direction and motivating my team to go the extra mile. My ability to juggle a lot of tasks and responsibilities makes me a great fit for the demands of my job.

Question: You’ve been a VP at CBT in multiple departments. Talk about that experience and what leadership means to you?

Pam Paradiso: Leadership to me at CBT is being trustworthy, being authentic, being responsible for either the outcome or ensuring that people have the resources, tools, or information that they need. I have access on the executive side, but also directly to the teams and the work that they’re doing. My sole purpose is making sure people have what they need so that they can be successful, which to me is being a leader because I am listening, being open in communication, and am responsible for their outcomes.

Question: How do the CBT core values appear in your daily job? Is there someone/a few people that exemplify these values?

Pam Paradiso: All our core values are centered around humanity, and I believe that all our employees embody these core values. In fact, we recruit people, not only because they are qualified and experienced in their role, but because we see and experience our core values reflected in them throughout the recruiting process.

Any business unit is dealing with the challenge of budget, technology and reduced staff, but the expectation is that we deliver excellent service. It requires collaboration, flexibility, and a willingness to support different kinds of people to do that. CBT, as we move on to providing more solutions, will amplify our collaborative “can do” attitude because we connect internally as well as with our customers’ teams.

Question: What is special to you about CBT? Why did you choose to work here? Why do you continue to work here?

Pam Paradiso: My career path has allowed me to work closely with CEOs in startup situations. This has put me in many scenarios where we’re trying something new. I had a similar opportunity to work with Kelly [CBT Founder and CEO] and contribute to building something that, to me, was very appealing. I continue to work here because no project looks the same. We are constantly looking to expand, build, and ride the wave of technology and change. It’s exciting!

Question: What’s a project you’re currently working on for CBT?

Pam Paradiso: I am working on a project called the B2B Experience. It’s a portal that will help automate and expand our unique customer service capabilities, making it easier for customers to come onboard and succeed through CBT. The very heart and core of what we do is take the minutia out of the work that other people do, and I am helping to automate the front end of this project.

Question: What makes it interesting to you?

Pam Paradiso: Being able to align disperse and disparate teams like making sure that developers are talking to end users and salespeople are providing feedback. I love to get up in people’s stuff, not to slow them down, but to ensure they have everything they need. My role is to make sure that we are all aligned and moving forward which will ultimately make us better.

Question: Tell us about your career. How did you get to where you are today?

Pam Paradiso: I don’t know that I ever started something with an end in mind. I started off as a roller skate repair girl, then I was a runner for a construction office and then a law office. I look back and think about how all those jobs fed my desire to get things done. For example, if the roller skate broke, thinking about how I could fix it and thinking about how fast I could get the plans to the construction site and recorder’s office. When I met my first boss, she was planning to start something new and I was ready to help even if she wasn’t sure what it was yet! That was interesting because I was 21 with no knowledge of startups and business, but I was able to grow with the business and technology at that time. My personality and my “can do” attitude lends itself to CBT because Kelly also has a vision and I am going to help her make it happen.

Question: What have been some of your greatest achievements/proudest moments?

Pam Paradiso: There have been many points along the way, but I consider myself successful when I’ve been able to affect change in a positive way or I’ve made something happen when people didn’t believe it would. This year, we opened our CBT Orange office, and the change was tremendous. It was like going from the DMV to the Apple store, and this positive change causes people to walk a new path. While I think of myself as a persuader, I also consider myself as a catalyst for this type of change. I like to change things up.  Getting to be a part of the transformation in our brand from CB Technologies to CBT and experiencing how the new brand reflects the core values and culture of the company was a proud moment for me.

Question: Now that we’re coming to a close, do you want to add anything about CBT’s core values? Is there anything else you want to add?

Pam Paradiso: What resonates with me is the “can do” attitude and I like to champion the people that I work with using this as my motto. Our customer centric, focused and driven attitude is embodied by all our employees because we all operate from service and serving someone. It’s always suggesting that we are thinking first about those people as opposed to a “me first” kind of attitude. Kelly has always talked about just doing the right thing, and that to me is winning with integrity.

**end interview**


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