Simply put, CB Technologies is ahead of the crowd. They are a true systems integrator who has invested in the future of technology: edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven. When we committed to investing $4B in the Intelligent Edge, we had confidence because of partners like CB Technologies, who have the talent to help achieve our vision of what’s next.

Success Stories
Replicated and enhanced OEM portal to provide optimized buying experience for offices in over 40 countries
Leveraged Software-Defined Storage for virtually limitless scale/extreme efficiency
Reduced Vertica latency from 160+ seconds to 4.5 seconds. Saved project with 35x performance gain
Software-Defined Storage delivered as an appliance that’s easy to use and manage, all at lower cost
Designed critical analysis systems to reveal statistical maintenance patterns
More Testimonials

CB Technologies...is a great example of how a partner grew from a VAR to a service provider, offering unique solutions to empower the data driven enterprise.

CBT helps take the rough edges off large, complex and highly integrated orders while helping drive standards & efficiency for spot buys around the world.”

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