Video as a Sensor uses GPU-powered artificial intelligence and deep learning to turn a live video feed into a smart sensor and alerting system that delivers insights to promote safety, reduce theft, and improve customer experiences.

Intelligent video analytics (IVA) allows the system to be trained to identify anomalies that signal safety hazards, security issues, and quality problems.

CBT has both the information technology and operational technology capabilities needed to build the Video as a Sensor video analytics platform from scratch, create a supporting infrastructure, and tailor it to your business needs.

See how Video as a Sensor can be used to monitor your work environment intelligently to detect and prevent risk.


How Video as a Sensor Works

Video as a Sensor leverages machine learning to detect and identify risks. Neural network model training and image tuning are used to teach the system to recognize (inference) visual anomalies and deliver instant actionable insights.

Technologies from NVIDIA and HPE work together to detect, classify, and track objects, as well as recognize faces.

Global situational awareness, combined with deep learning data processing, empowers the system to identify unusual or undesirable scenarios and take action.

Using machine learning and IVA, Video as a Sensor can be taught to identify new anomalies in your work environment.

Using machine learning and IVA, Video as a Sensor can be taught to identify new anomalies in your work environment.

The image sensor system uses video capture to keep a record of what happened before, during, and after the incident. An alert is sent out so the operator can view the video, understand root causes of the incident, and resolve the issue. Alert metrics are generated so your company can track trends to better understand the risk landscape and prevent incidents.

How Video as a Sensor Works

Success Story: Texmark

Texmark, a refinery in Houston, uses Video as a Sensor to monitor local coyotes that cause hazards by wandering into their rail yard. The refinery is also able to track train cars as they arrive and depart with product. Video as a Sensor has learned to identify anomalies on the trains, such as unintentional movement or excess chemical fumes.

Read more about our partnership with Texmark and our role in their “Refinery of the Future.”

Imagine What Video as a Sensor Can Do for You

The use cases for Video as a Sensor are limitless. The CBT team can work with you to uncover potential use cases for Video as a Sensor and customize the system to intelligently monitor your work environment. CBT uses our proven Innovation Delivery as a Service (IDAAS) process to build a roadmap for making your vision a reality.

We use leading technologies from partners such as NVIDIA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build a Video as a Sensor system that meets your unique video analytics scenario.

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