On-Demand Webinar: How Connected Worker Technologies Are Impacting Utility Operations

How Connected Worker Technologies Are Impacting Utility Operations

Episode Overview

In the utility and energy space, data can deliver value and insight. However, it remains a significant challenge to interpret meaningful information from all the data generated from disparate IT/OT systems. It is especially challenging to find effective ways to visualize and distribute that information to key personnel in the field. In this session, CBT talks to industry-leading Utilities to uncover reasons they’re exploring Industrial IoT to address these challenges. With solutions like CBT’s Connected Worker, maintenance and operations teams have the information and support they need to make critical decisions safely, in real-time, and at the actual point of work.

Attend this session and learn:

  • The most significant challenges facing industry leaders such as Xcel Energy & SEMCO
  • How Industrial IoT solutions like Connected Worker utilize tailored software combinations enabled on wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets to directly address these challenges
  • Low barrier to entryways to get started with these solutions, such as consuming them as a service