What Sets CB Technologies Apart

The President’s Take: What Sets CB Technologies Apart


The rise of ubiquitous connectivity, the growth of the data driven marketplace, and innovations in what happens at the edge are shifting the way modern enterprises, and systems integrators like CB Technologies, view technology. What used to be a focus on back-office applications and customer facing web-scale applications has evolved into technology delivering value to the enterprise in the field. It’s evolving into the process of customizable innovation. This digital transformation is redefining what it means to do business in the modern world – it’s changing how businesses use technology to create and deliver value.

We at CB Technologies have positioned ourselves to help clients succeed in this modern marketplace. As a value-added reseller turned systems integrator, we’ve had the honor of being the winner of eight consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence awards, CRN’s IoT Innovators award, and HPE’s Solution of the Year award, in large part due to our ability to deliver focused solutions. Our unique approach to asset intelligence has allowed us to have an integral part in creating the Refinery of the Future with Texmark Chemicals. In the realm of high performance computing (HPC), our strategic relationships with industry leaders have allowed us to deliver scalable cost-effective solutions to clients at speeds not seen before in the industry. It’s this experience, delivering meaningful results to industry leaders, that gives us the advantage.

We continue to leverage our capabilities to place and organize our people on the frontlines of modern enterprise innovation in our four practice areas: Hybrid IT, Asset Intelligence, HPC & Analytics, and IT Supply Chain Optimization.

All this said, you may be wondering… what do I think really sets us apart?

It’s the relationship you have with the customer. Can you flex your business model to help your customers innovate? We deliver on the short term or long term – our commitment to that delivery and relation allows us to rise above.

Information and operational technology projects, and thus far the companies that facilitate them, have a long history of being high-dollar lengthy endeavors. They involve some form of innovation, often at the customer’s expense and their success is made hard to measure. We have strategically changed our business model to support this need for innovation to our customer’s benefit.

We’ve changed the way industrial companies view the role of technology in complex systems at the Refinery of the Future.  We’ve brought automated consumption-buying for ‘cloud-like’ economics to high performance computing environments. We’ve even lowered the cost of private storage to beat hyper-scale cloud economics. Ultimately, we’ve worked to make innovation accessible for our customers in the aforementioned practice areas of high performance computing, hybrid IT, asset intelligence and IT supply chain optimization.

It’s how we see our relationship with our customers that differentiates us. Most solutions providers invest on their customer’s dime – CBT invests on our own dime and then delivers it to our customer.

We’re a boutique systems integrator. We stand out because we focus on our customers’ challenges. We focus on delivering innovations on a cyclical basis that can be proven and scaled out where they are needed most.

The proof is in what we’ve been able to deliver. Our customer-centric data-driven approach to an information technology industry, where companies frankly can’t afford to play by the rules of traditional enterprise, is winning the game…it sets us apart.

Our entire approach to our industry can be boiled down to this: people. At CBT, we develop people and teams that can deliver measurable, scalable innovation to customers to combat the increasingly custom demands of a connected marketplace.

So, why do we at CB Technologies stand apart in our field? Frankly, because it’s what we do. We challenge the traditional implementation of enterprise technology and deliver innovation made to order.