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Technology empowers companies to connect physical and digital assets so they can streamline asset management and gain visibility into data to reduce operational costs, boost productivity, and eliminate risk. Realizing your company’s IIoT potential requires information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) convergence.

That’s why CBT is offering a Quickstart (ideation) meeting between decision-makers at your organization and our Innovation Team. Based on the information gathered at this session, we use our design-thinking approach to systems integration to customize and tune solutions to fit your company’s unique use cases.

Ask for a meeting with our Innovation Team and:

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Participate in a Quickstart session to identify potential use cases

CBT IIoT experts​ ​

Benefit from the insights of CBT Subject Matter Experts​ ​

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Learn what technology CBT can provide as a Domain Expert Integrator​

What to Expect:

  1. Fill out the contact form.
  2. A CBT representative will follow up.
  3. Set up a 1 to 2-hour session with our Innovation Team to discuss potential use cases.
  4. Receive a proposal for priority use cases and related technology deliverables.

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