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AR and Digital Twin Technologies Are a Powerful Combination

Augmented Reality: A Lens to the Digital Twin Digital transformation strategies are evolving quickly, and companies are navigating more technologies than ever before. Many industrial enterprises are feeling the pain of attempting to deploy different technology solutions in siloes, often within single business functions and even within individual worksites. Two such technologies are augmented reality (AR) and digital twin, …

Remote Mentor: Expert Resources from Anywhere. Anytime.

Real-Time, Expert Assistance Via Telepresence Technology The mobility afforded to us by our plethora of smart devices isn’t just about convenience. In the process industry, mobility can be a huge component of a business strategy. Frontline workers who remain connected to the control center with Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions like Remote Mentor. When in the deepest …

Convergence of AI and HPC at SC19

The convergence of AI and HPC at SC19 – Supercomputing 2019 Denver CBT has been joining SC19, an international conference for high-performance computing (HPC) storage, networking, and analysis, for many years now. The conference brings together hundreds of key partners to showcase the new advancements made in these topics, attracting both end-users and students. CBT …

Digital Twin: How It’s Optimizing Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing operations are increasingly complex as the real-time, flawless performance of a plethora of assets is a necessity and differentiation through digital transformation is becoming a required strategic initiative. Yet with increasing global competition and disruptive marketplaces, there is still internal resistance within manufacturers’ operations on the current cross-exchanging of physical and digital information related to products, processes, and …

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