Augmented Reality Connected Worker Solutions with CBT and PTC

Augmented Reality Webinar Series:

Augmented reality (AR) differs from virtual reality (VR) by supplementing a view of the real world with visual and auditory overlays instead of creating a seamless virtual world. AR technology can enhance the experience of frontline workers by giving them access to information while they are in the field through a wearable, such as a headset, that is connected to a mobile device or laptop.


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Part 1: Empowering Frontline Workers with Augmented Reality

Empowering Frontline Workers with Augmented Reality

Industrial augmented reality (AR) offers a better way to create and deliver easily consumable work instructions by overlaying digital content onto real-world work environments. AR enables better information delivery, faster knowledge transfer, modernized training methods, immediate access to remote expertise, and enhanced customer experiences.

Join experts from CBT and PTC to learn how AR is reshaping the ways frontline employees acquire knowledge and digitally interact with their physical surroundings—resulting in faster execution, improved safety, fewer manual processes, and better decision-making.

Part 2: Building Platforms for Augmented Reality Success with PTC and CBT

Building Platforms for Augmented Reality Success with PTC and CBT

Join CBT and PTC as we delve deeper into the tools enabling next-generation AR experiences in verticals such as Manufacturing, Service, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Healthcare, and more. Augmented reality is a highly visual, interactive method of presenting relevant digital information in the context of the physical environment—connecting employees and improving business outcomes.

In this webinar, AR experts Michael Stebick (CBT) and Alex Keisar (PTC) will explore technologies such as the PTC Vuforia enterprise AR suite and Thingworx IIoT that are being implemented to boost workforce efficiency and safety, improve operational performance, and lower costs across the factory and the field. They’ll cover how to get started, best practices, and some real-world customer examples to show how companies succeed with these technologies.

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