Are You Ready for Hybrid IT

Enabling the Digital Enterprise with IT and OT Convergence

Benefits of Hybrid IT for Operations


Step 1: Create an IT Infrastructure Architecture Blueprint

industrial iot blueprint

In order to drive innovation and optimize production environments, data serves as the raw material. This data is then enriched and analyzed at the edge, providing actionable insights that can inform business applications. To facilitate the process of data collection, enrichment, and value delivery, an IoT system architecture is necessary.

Credit: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Step 2: Collect Data from Operations with Intelligent Edge

To process and enrich data directly at the source, Intelligence at the Edge is essential. This is especially important for dense data sources, such as images or vibration time waveforms, which must be reduced to condition and performance indicators using edge intelligence. However, managing the local edge requires remote management to maintain the core component of a Hybrid IT solution.

Credit: IoTech Systems

intelligent edge

The combination of Hybrid IT and Intelligent Edge technology can bring several benefits, including:


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