CBT and RealWear Expand Connected Worker Solution with Thermal Imaging

CBT and RealWear Expand Connected Worker Capabilities with Thermal Imaging

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We’re excited to announce that we’re working with RealWear on expanding our Connected Worker capabilities to include thermal imaging. With the launch of the RealWear Thermal Camera Module, the solution will replace thermal cameras that serve as single-use devices. The ability to switch seamlessly between the visible spectrum and infrared enables users to capture the heat signature of their surrounding environment. 

Thermal imaging is used across multiple industries, including manufacturing, energy, automotive, etc. Use cases include overheating detection, electrical and mechanical inspection, process monitoring, and more. The hands-free thermal imaging increases efficiency and safety and allows workers to spot issues before they become a problem. 

Together, CBT and RealWear are building a better, safer, and more connected future for frontline workers. Our Connected Worker solution utilizes tailored software and wearables to provide an effective way for field workers to visualize, consume and communicate actionable information. It gives maintenance and operations teams the tools they need to assess operations performance so they can make critical decisions safely, in real-time, and at the actual point of work. 

“I had the chance to try on the thermal camera and was blown away by its capabilities,” said Griffin Running, Solution Manager of Wearable Compute at CBT. “The ability to blend thermal and optical video feeds in addition to changing the color mode will allow users the flexibility they need to make the solution fit their use case.” 

“RealWear Navigator head-mounted devices, with its revolutionary modular design, continues to gain support with Global 1000 companies as the new gold standard in assisted reality. The compelling option to add thermal image capture without occupying your hands in hazardous environments gives frontline professionals more real-time information to do their jobs safely and productively,” said Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer at RealWear. “By combining Teledyne FLIR’s thermal expertise with RealWear’s best-in-class voice-driven wearables through its Thermal by FLIR program, we’re creating a digital tool with extended capabilities for the modern frontline worker.” 

To learn more about the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offered by CBT and Telepresenz, schedule a Quickstart ideation session with CBT or reach out directly to the team at cbtinfo@cbtechinc.com.

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