CBT IoT Awards 2022

Second Annual CBT Top 100 IoT Influencers Award

We are excited to announce our second annual Top 100 IoT Influencer Award Winners, curated based on CBT’s reach and experience in the IoT ecosystem; thank you to all the thought leaders who didn’t make it onto this list or any other list who should have voice and recognition as well. You are superstars. The coveted number one spot was awarded to Jeff Winter, Industry Executive for Manufacturing, at Microsoft.

Also see our IoT Transformation Leader of the Year page to see the other part of our 2022 IoT Awards and learn about our winner, Ashish Agrawal of KONE.

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market size is forecasted to be $478 billion in 2022, with an expected CAGR of 26.4% through 2029 according to Fortune Business Intelligence. IoT technologies function as the global infrastructure for our information society, enabling advanced services to interconnect things based on existing and evolving communication technologies.

CBT is an industry leader in implementing award-winning IoT solutions at scale. Based on our experience we have curated a list of the Top IoT Influencers for 2022. The winners are among the pioneering influencers and practitioners, driving digital transformation in both the Consumer and Industrial settings.

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“As a recognized industry advisor and thought leader for IoT, CBT is delighted to share our knowledge and expertise to create this award as a ‘trustmark’ for the Influencers that we believe are pushing technology forward and shaping the future,” said Rob Schaeffer, President, and COO of CBT. “On behalf of CBT, we congratulate and thank all of the winners of the second annual IoT Influencer Awards.”

Top 100 IoT Award Winners

First place goes to Jeff Winter, Industry Executive for Manufacturing, Microsoft, all other winners are listed alphabetically.

CBT IoT Awards 2022

  1. Jeff Winter
  2. Mazlan Abbas
  3. Gokul Alex
  4. Alasdair Allan
  5. Mauricio Amaro
  6. Chelsea Andrews
  7. Kevin Ashton
  8. Alicia Asín Pérez
  9. Stephanie Atkinson
  10. Jonathan Ballon
  11. Jan Barbosa
  12. David Bartlett
  13. Wilhelm Bielert
  14. Olivier Bloch
  15. Kirk Borne
  16. Gert Botha
  17. Tom Bradicich
  18. Chuck Brooks
  19. Neil Cattermull
  20. Eric Charran
  21. Andrew Chrostowski
  22. Paul Colmer
  23. Sarah Cooper
  24. Jeff Daniels
  25. Fabio de Pasquale
  26. Ted DellaVecchia
  27. Johan den Haan
  28. Sally Eaves
  29. Daniel Elizalde
  30. Beverley Eve
  31. Abby Ferri
  32. Jenny Fielding
  33. Lucian Fogoros
  34. Jennifer Follett
  35. Dave Food
  36. Ian Fountain
  37. Emily Friedman
  38. Jeff Friedman
  39. Diego Galar
  40. Kai Goebel
  41. Eng Lim Goh
  42. Avrohom Gottheil
  43. Antonio Grasso
  44. Dean Gratton
  45. Sarah-Jayne Gratton
  46. Jennifer Halstead
  47. Amanda Healy
  48. Howard Heppelmann
  49. Stacy Higginbotham
  50. David Hill
  51. Dion Hinchcliffe
  52. Blaine Hoffmann
  53. David Howard
  54. Jane Howell
  55. Shawn Hymel
  56. Kelly Ireland
  57. Wallace Jackson
  58. Ajit Jaokar
  59. Kipp Jones
  60. Jeff Kagan
  61. Christina “CK” Kerley
  62. Greg Khan
  63. Evan Kirstel
  64. Maciej Kranz
  65. Elitsa Krumova
  66. Leonard Lee
  67. Jay Lee
  68. Fei-Fei Li
  69. Maribel Lopez
  70. Chuck Martin
  71. Tamara McCleary
  72. Enrico Molinari
  73. Daniel Newman
  74. Michele Null
  75. Colin O’Flynn
  76. Barbara Pareglio
  77. Tom Raftery
  78. Walker Reynolds
  79. Carolina Rudinschi
  80. Isaac Sacolick
  81. Sanfjib Sahoo
  82. Khwaja Shaik
  83. Ira Sharp
  84. Eric Simone
  85. Harold Sinnott
  86. Peggy Smedley
  87. Vinay Solanki
  88. Charlie Stack
  89. Andy Stanford-Clark
  90. Cameron Stevens
  91. Andrew Thomas
  92. Rob Tiffany
  93. Kevin Tofel
  94. Rob van Kranenburg
  95. Ronald van Loon
  96. Anthony Veri Jr
  97. Marcell Vollmer
  98. Marcia Walker
  99. R “Ray” Wang
  100. Helen Yu

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